Is it worth the money? I’ll tell ya.

Brains for Braaap

Also a one-ride review of the 2011 Specialized Epic EVO 29

By now everyone knows Specialized Epics are badass XC race machines. Regarding the S-Works Epic 29, Mountain Bike Action said, “This is the best mountain bike we have ever ridden.” Epics are used by skinny nerds the world over to win races and wax their buddies. But I’m here to tell you the Brain is not just about pedaling. It’s about braaap.

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First ride: LeMond Revolution with Power Pilot

As some of you know, I’m a huge fan of the LeMond Revolution trainer. It has a solid base and a realistic feel — and it’s the only trainer I’ve ridden that accurately simulates acceleration. Yesterday I did my first session with the accompanying Power Pilot computer.

More details to come, but for now:

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Stumpjumper Comp 29 test: Picture Rock Trail

In my quest to find out how a 29er would perform for me, I’ve rocked a 2011 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp 29 on neighborhood gnar, pump track, dual slalom, dirt jumps and big-mountain violence. So far so good. Yesterday I finally got to ride the beast on a standard XC trail.

This is what the bike is designed for. Game on.

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Stumpjumper Comp 29 test: Left Hand Canyon OHV area

OK, so I’ve ridden the Stumpy Comp 29 on neighborhood gnar, pump track, dual slalom and dirt jumps, and it’s been pretty impressive. What about big-mountain action?

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Stumpjumper Comp 29 test: Valmont Bike Park

It’s becoming clear to me (apparently everyone else has known this for a while) that a mountain bike with 29-inch wheels rolls over rough terrain way easier than a bike with 26-inch wheels. So, OK, maybe a 29er is a good idea for passive trail riding. But the question is, can a 29er be ripped?

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Stumpjumper Comp 29 test: Neighborhood gnar

I’m on a mission this week to wring out a 29er on my local rides — work, babies and weather permitting — and see how it suits my style.

Expect a full write-up when I return this test bike. Today’s quick report:

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Austin, TX and the Specialized Camber Comp 29

Last weekend, as part of coach training for the Texas high school mountain bike league, I got to ride new trails on a new bike. This is a quick-hit review of the trails and the bike, plus riding a 29er and other stuff.

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Top 3 adjustable seatposts

I recently asked Mike Luby from Dirt Labs and the guys at The Fix Bike Shop for their top 3 adjustable seatposts.

Quick and dirty:

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First ride: Specialized Butcher 2.3 Control

This just in: New 2.3 Butcher Controls tested out on steep Front Range home trails — deliver quick feel, good grip and extra braaap.

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The Eskar is dead, long live the Eskar

Hi Lee,

I’ve been getting my cornering kung fu on, diligently following your bible of a book, and putting the Specy Butcher 2.3 SX to task. Things have really started to come together.

For todays ride I slapped an Eskar2 Control on the back to lighten things up, and I was amazed at how well that tire corners. Better than the Butcher, the Eskar rails. There are a series of turns that I use as a benchmark, and man on the second corner I could of sworn I was Curtis Keene on page 91 of your book. It was a blast.

I remember reading on your site that Specialized is ditching this tire for 2012. Is this true? And if yes is there anything that can be done to save it? The updated version of the Eskar with the higher side knobs is just about the best cornering tire I have ever used. I mean if it can make me feel like Curtis Keene, even for a split second, thats a tire that can perform miracles!


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Looking for some baggy shorts

I have a question Master. I’m in the market for a pair of Dude shorts but have no idea what I should look for. Any suggestions?

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What is that pump track bike?


Have enjoyed several of your articles and we’re planning to build a pump track this year.

Was really intrigued by your bike featured in the MBAction article about the school pump track. Didn’t see it listed on your list of bikes on your site. MBA said it was a modified P bike, I assumed they meant Specialized P bike, but it doesn’t look like anything on their site.

How about a run down of what it is …

Best regards,
Brent Mullen

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