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My names is Lee and I like bikes. I’m devoted to helping you improve your mountain biking — and your living.

Choose your path to stoke:

Private classes. The most efficient use of your time. We’ll work on what you need, at your pace, in your learning style. My hourly rate works for up to 6 riders. Feel free to share with your friends! This is essential if you’re an experienced rider, are neurodivergent or haven’t found a MTB coach who can teach at your level.

Public classes. Join a group of new friends for a fun learning adventure.

The internet is a heck of a great invention. It offers the best aspects of books, plus video and interaction. Thousands of people all over the world are riding (and living) better.

Lee Likes Bikes MTB School.

One of my proudest achievements is the discovery of and creation of the RideLogic bike setup system. This ain’t your traditional road/XC bike fit. We set your bike up for peak power, optimal handing and deep, frequent Flow states.

Book/ebook: Dialed – The secret math of a perfect mountain bike setup

1:1 MTB selection/setup consultations – Buy with absolute confidence that you’ll love the fit of your bike.

Dialed: The secret math of the perfect mountain bike setup

Mastering Mountain Bike Skills v3 – The bible of MTB technique

Pro BMX Skills – The bible of BMX technique

Teaching Mountain Bike Skills – The skills training manual for the U.S. national high school MTB league

Welcome to Pump Track Nation v2 – How to build your own pump track. This book launched the global pump track movement.

F6: Six moves to build your foundation – Off-bike training that makes sense.

Pump Up the Base – 12-week off-season base pedaling fitness and skills.

Prepare to Pin It – 12-week in-season peak pedaling fitness and skills.

Dynamic mountain bike fit

Mountain biking is an exciting revolution. Bikes, trails and riding styles are improving fast!

To get the most joy from your riding, you gotta select the correct bike size then dial it in for your body and riding style.

We have a system to help you.

Lee Likes Bikes
MTB School

Our online MTB school helps you dial in your bike for your body and riding style, then master the skills that upgrade riding from fun to FUN!!! All of our methods are simple and proven. You spend less time looking at stuff online and more time shredding.

In-person instruction

Learn kung fu MTB skills with the most effective teaching method and the best mountain bike teacher in the world. I’m based in Boulder, CO and teach all over. Treat yourself to a private or group class. I guarantee you’ll be stoked.
– Lee

Mistress Cycles

Ride with more comfort, confidence and fun.

Our Warm Embrace geometry is designed to prevent most crashes and fit riders from 4’10” to 6’8?.

We have begun taking orders for custom bikes.