What are you afraid of?

Mountain biking give us plenty of opportunities to face fears. Perhaps the most stark form of mountain biking is dirt jumping. The jump face looms ahead, all tall and steep and imposing. You’re either going for it or you’re not.

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400 pounds for a dirt jump bike?

Hi Lee,

Hope you have to time to offer some help 🙂

I’m new to dirt jumping. I went out twice yesterday for the first time, Having ridden extreme XC/enduro I now want to jump. Thing is I have to be careful. I’ve been out twice with pal on his jump bike and have tackled some doubles. Im 48 and have to be careful, I don’t bounce like I used to. Hence Im never gonna jump massive.

Im 6ft 1 and range between 13 and 13.5 stone. Will 100mm travel be adequate for me?

What about this then? I never land heavy, in fact incredibly light but yesterday afternoon I nearly lost it 3 times on landing. How I stayed on only God knows. My pal runs 80psi which I think is crazy. On the morning session the pressure was fine but on the afternoon the ground was wet, soft and slippery. If I am slightly off, do you think 80psi would have reduced my grip and caused me to wobble to the extent where I nearly fell off?

Ideally I’d like to spend about 400 on a second hand bike, will this get me something decent?

What should I look for in terms of spec when considering a purchase. Things which are a must, things to avoid etc?

Thanks in advance if you have the time.


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Progressing at Progresh

Yesterday I enjoyed the privilege of being completely terrified yet stepping through a skills progression. It opened my eyes to some new kung fu and gave me a new appreciation for what my clients must experience.

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Big is so very relative

The week I finally conquered Valmont Bike Park’s Whale Tail — so STOKED! — the Colorado Freeride Festival went down, and, well, so much for thinking I’m rad.

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When you’re ready, you’ll know

I’ve been wanting to ride the Boner Log at Valmont Bike Park for a while. This involves more and steeper air than I’m used to, and I’ve been taking the go-around.

I rode it yesterday! This is not the biggest thing in the world, but it felt awesome, and I hope my process will help some of you master your next challenges (safely).

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Fore-aft balance when jumping

The comments for The end of flat pedals at World Cup downhills? tracked into this subject, and I think it’s pretty interesting. Check it out:

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Rebuilding Lyons Bike Park

In September the Devil Dash 5K ran a bunch of people through Lyons Bike Park — and the jumps were muddy — and the jumps were ruined. This week we’ve been busy rebuilding the step-ups, tables and rollers. Everything is riding well and ready for tomorrow’s snow to help pack it in.

Photos at the Lee Likes Bikes Facebook page

Adam Wasson did some great work over the past few days. Here he tests the rollers as only an expert BMX racer can.

Stumpjumper Comp 29 test: Valmont Bike Park

It’s becoming clear to me (apparently everyone else has known this for a while) that a mountain bike with 29-inch wheels rolls over rough terrain way easier than a bike with 26-inch wheels. So, OK, maybe a 29er is a good idea for passive trail riding. But the question is, can a 29er be ripped?

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Off the clock

Just got back from an hour “off the clock” at Valmont Bike Park.

What a great little adventure — and a test of the new 2.3 Specialized Renegade.

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Slowing it down

On Monday I was doing homework on Valmont Bike Park’s dual slalom course, and I re-learned a lesson I keep forgetting.

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Public skills clinics at Valmont Bike park in August

I’m offering six public clinics at Valmont Bike Park in August. This is an awesome, cost effective way to dial in your skills.

Classes are limited to six riders each. Cost is $90 and includes the opportunity to purchase the book Mastering Mountain Bike Skills or Pro BMX Skills for a discounted $20.

We will cover the core skills, then we’ll focus on whatever the group wants (and is ready for). Expect to dial in position, braking, cornering and pumping. If all goes well, we’ll do some dropping and jumping too.

Valmont is an amazing place to ride and learn. Come on out. Let’s rip it!


I’ll post when September dates are set. Email me to get on the mailing list.

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Valmont Bike Park trail descriptions

I will update this post as I explore the incredible Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, CO. Expect photos and videos.

June 14, 2011: Today, my first day at Valmont, I rode the park for six (6!) glorious hours. Features reviewed: Medium Slopestyle Line, Dual Slalom, Mesa Top Pump Park, Mesa Flow, Corkscrew, Rivet, The 5280′ Run-Up, Creekside Pump Park, Small Dirt Jumps, Dirt 101

June 15, 2011: Update on the big pump track. Added bike suggestions.

June 16, 2011: Added video of Jerad Fischer rolling the Large Slopestyle line. This man is ripping with one leg. Medium dirt jump line.

June 19, 2011: Updated pump track descriptions, added Large dirt jump line.

June 30: Updated Large dirt jump line.

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