Rebuilding Lyons Bike Park

In September the Devil Dash 5K ran a bunch of people through Lyons Bike Park — and the jumps were muddy — and the jumps were ruined. This week we’ve been busy rebuilding the step-ups, tables and rollers. Everything is riding well and ready for tomorrow’s snow to help pack it in.

Photos at the Lee Likes Bikes Facebook page

Adam Wasson did some great work over the past few days. Here he tests the rollers as only an expert BMX racer can.
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  1. Eric says:

    Sweet! Adam is a great guy (was going to say kid because I’ve known him since he was like 8, Dang! Feelin’ old now!)

  2. Tea Party says:

    I hear you Eric! I’ve known him that long as well and now I feel old! Super good guy-love Adam like a little bro!!:)

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