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How to pump bumps for free speed

Most mountain bikers have heard of pump tracks. Many have ridden one at their local bike park. With the right skills, you can fly around these dirt rollercoasters with ease. But did you realize that those same skills are immensely valuable on nearly any trail? Pumping the trail on your mountain bike makes riding so much more […]

COVID rules

Hi All, We are stoked to ride with you! In order to maintain COVID safety, we will be following these rules in our private and public classes: Public classes and private groups will be limited to six students. We will maintain six feet of distance between all people. Instructors and students must wear masks. If […]

Pedaling ovals (about oval chainrings)

This piece originally appeared in the book Mastering Mountain Bike Skills v3, July 27 2017.  People on the interweb have been asking me (Lee) what I think of the new oval chainrings. Before I tried them, my response was “I don’t need no help. My pedal stroke is awesome. Those are for people who suck […]

How fast do you need to go for a drop?

Here’s a great question from our remote coaching student Stefan in Switzerland. One last question to the drops and speeds: Is this reasoning right: given all things equal with the drop except its height,  I could approach all drops smaller or higher with the same speed I‘ve been using now? With higher drops I‘ll land […]