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Bike review: Lenz Sport Behemoth

Hello Friends, I spent much of last season on a Lenz Sport Behemoth, and I’m here to tell you about it. This article begins with some background and context. For the bottom line, scroll to the bottom, which seems like a fine place for a bottom line.


Two rivers are born high in the mountains Fed by rain, snowmelt and springs watered by the sun-warned sea Each begins as a trickle and builds to a stream. Every tributary roiling it Every riffle shaking it Every boulder smashing it Each tribulation adds to its power The steeper the drops The narrower the slots […]

My bike is too big: What can I do?

Hi Lee, Boy I sure wish I’d seen your video on bike sizing before I got my new bike!! Just recently discovered your great videos and after spending for me a bunch on a new bike, I think I now know why it doesn’t thrill me quite as much as I hoped. I waited forever […]

Risse Racing shock on my bike?

Hey Lee, I was wondering if you’re willing to give your opinion on this. If not, no worries. I may need to get my rear shock rebuilt. Since it is an old model, the rebuild kit isn’t available from Fox. Fox pointed me to Risse Racing. Do you have any opinions about Risse racing? Or […]

Measuring RAAD on a bike

Hi Lee, I’m enjoying the book Dialed: the secret math of a perfect mountain bike setup and really appreciate the MTB specific and rider-centric approach to bike fitting. I was wondering if you can guide me toward how to accurately measure my RAAD? There’s plenty of info in the book on how it should be […]

Yet another rider on a bike that’s too big

Hi Lee, I’ve recently purchased your book Dialed to help me try to understand better where I’m at with my current mountain bike, all the changes in frame geometry (not to mention suspension) in the past five or so years, and now the changes literally in how people ride. I’ve been riding a long time, […]