Doing the F6 training program with a bike handlebar

Hi Lee, quick question.

In the F6 off-bike training book you have a caption to a photograph (on P14) that says…
“Rock the F6 anywhere with surgical tubing, adjustable
dumbbell and a handlebar (optional, to make squat
rows and lunge pushes more bike specific).”
Do you mean to use a handlebar on the end of the Resistance Band/Tube instead of the hand grips shown in the specific exercise photos ? and could this also be used on the ‘Hinge Pull’ or is that better with the twin hand grips?
Kind Regards

Hi Peter!

Thanks for reaching out.
Yes. You can hold the bar like in this photo. If your band has grips, you can hook the grips onto the middle of the bar and hold onto the end of the bar. This makes it more bike specific.

I hope this helps!


Check out the MTB Strong workout program

STARTING WITH THE WORST, here are some approaches to off-bike training.

4. Doing none of it. Just ride yer bike Bro.

3. Doing it haphazardly. When I was young, every day was a max day. Rest days? Only for the weak!

2. Following a program designed by an expert and delivered online.

1. Working live in person with a qualified doctor/trainer a la Revo Physiotherapy and Sports Performance in Boulder CO. This is the best! And I’ve been fortunate to receive this therapy. But it isn’t accessible for everyone.

For many riders, your best value is following a program designed by an expert in riding and training. Dee Tidwell at Enduro MTB Training is such an expert, and he’s launched a new program.

I promote Dee here because A) he’s a good fellow, B) he’s helped me and C) he can likely help you.

Check out the MTB Strong training program >>>

Fairlee Frey 12-week build to XCE worlds: Week 3

Pro mountain bike racer Fairlee Frey’s (@fairleefrey_mondin) RipRow work already has her shredding harder. Watch the sweet video and see what her trainer Mike Durner (@coachdurner) has her doing this week:

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Coach Kevin’s Specialized P.Race bike

When I first saw the Specialized P.Pump concept bike, which tipped the scales at a mere 17.9lbs, I was fascinated. I knew I wanted to build something similar when I considered entering the 2018 BMX Cruiser Races.

This build is a conservative financial effort, utilizing many parts I already had and buying only what I thought held the best value, and could withstand the abuse of Racing. I knew it would come out light and fast – but it’s even lighter and faster than I imagined. 

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Mastering Mountain Bike Skills 3rd Edition is here!

They say the third time is the charm, and that might be true for the book Mastering Mountain Bike Skills. The first two editions set the standard for MTB skills books. The third edition … well … this is a whole new level.

Learn more and get your copy of Mastering Mountain Bike Skills 3rd Edition >>>

Foot placement and body position

The other day I was working with a client on the big pump track at Valmont Bike Park, and we were having trouble getting him into a proper hinge. His form was perfect on the RipRow, but on the bike he was collapsing into the classic bad squat position: knees forward, butt forward, quads hot, glutes cold, shoulders high. As a result, his pumping was choppy and weak.

This guy was moving great off the bike. On the bike … not so well. I see that every day in classes, but I can usually fix the issues quickly. This was … different.

Then I noticed how his feet were on his pedals.

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Bike nerd question: grip narrow or grip wide?

Hi Lee,

I have a bike-nerd question that’s been bothering me for a couple of weeks and I think you’re the guy to help!

If you look at freestyle BMX riders they don’t hold the bars at the ends – they seem to consistently hold the bars more inward so that there is an inch or more of grip protruding from each side. Seems to go against the theory of wider bars = more control.

I’ve been playing around with this — move the controls inwards, pushing my thumbs up against the inside of the grips when I’m cornering and only using the full width when climbing — and it seems to put less strain on my wrists, but I don’t know why and I’m not sure if I’m just imagining it. Any thoughts?

Cheers – Mike

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15 minutes on the new Shimano XTR group

I only had 15 minutes to ride today, but the new XTR group just went onto my Specialized Camber Expert Carbon, so you know I had to try it.

Those wheels!

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LLB camp in Boulder, CO July 22-26, 2015

The LLB Spring 2015 Moab Camp was a huge success.

Our next destination camp will be in Bouder, CO this July 22-26 — and it’ll be even more dialed than the Moab camp!

Check out the LLB Summer 2015 camp in Boulder >>>

LLB socks and t-shirts are here!

Wrap those heavy feet in the best sock out there, and shred the gnar (or get coffee) in this sweet t-shirt.

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End of season power testing with Coach Kevin Stiffler

The summer/coaching season is starting to wane, and that leads us into winter — the best time to build strength and fitness. Before Kevin dives into Pump Up the Base and Prepare to Pin It, we checked his pedaling power.

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