The hinge: universal human movement (video)

The mighty hip hinge. It’s the key to great mountain biking … and many other activities.

Check out the video and a cool skiing story:

From Instagram:

Hi Lee
Was watching one of your hinge videos again late last night knowing I was going to teach my snowboarder son, skiing today.  24 years ago I was an extreme skier but in the last 2 decades forgot the secret from lack of practice. In December I was skiing double blacks and killing myself with the effort.
Reason, knees too far forward in a squat. I couldn’t hold my line in the moguls and constantly  lost form.
Today I used the hinge, knees over the center, ass back and shoulders down. You nailed it, the key to human movement. Turns out a ski racer was on the hill at the same time and as we descended I noted the same hinge.
Wanted you to know this technique is the key to high level downhill skiing as well

Right on! That’s great to hear. My buddy the retired NFL linebacker agrees … he made a great living in and out of his hinge!


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  1. Matt says:

    I’ve been practicing and utilizing the hinge throughout this recent mtb season. It has made such a difference in my abilities. I just hit my awesome local downhill trail for the second time and had such a blast. The hinge allowed me to have so much more fun compared to the first time. Thank you Lee


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