What size Nukeproof Mega 290 should I ride?

Hey Lee!

I’m going to be getting a nuke proof Mega 290. I’m kinda a outlier. I’m 6″4″ 260 lb. I’m in shape and lean. Just a big dude. Most of my height is in my torso with a 36 biking inseam. 32 pants inseam. How can I measure for my torso correctly?
I am enduro racer with weekend all mountain. I am registered for big mountain enduro races this year. My goal is to beat all the 20 year olds and take the podium from the masters class 🙂 and be a racer even at 45. It’s my dream!
BTW- thank you for your program and skill sets has made a world of difference!!!!



Hi Scott!

What a great question. Thank you for your membership at www.llbmtb.com. I’m stoked to run a RideLogic dynamic MTB fit consultation for you.

Since you have unusual proportions, we need an accurate measurement for your knuckle height. (Scott measured and said it’s 92cm — way higher than average).

We need to make the bike’s RAD (distance from bottom bracket to grips) match your body, and we need a RAD angle (aka RAAD) of about 58 degrees. That gives great all-around handling.

After running the numbers, I suggest an XL frame with a 75mm rise bar, 35mm stem and about 20mm of spacers under the stem.

That’ll match your RAD and give you a RAAD of 58°, which is great for your goals.
The XXL frame will give you a much lower, XC-style RAAD.
BTW: If you had average proportions I’d put you on the large.
I hope this helps!


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