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Berms in a very narrow pump track

Hey Lee, First off id like to say i love your building style and your website.Recently i have been reading up on pump tracks when i came across your website which i might add is amazing.Whilst reading i noticed that you said a backyard pumptrack could be as small as 20 x40.Ive been wanting to […]

Dialed bike setup and front/rear weight distribution

Lee, We at Trail Werks Cyclery are trying to use your Dialed theories to fit body/bike but I have some questions that I’m sure you’ve thought about. Front/rear wheel attack position weight distribution – auto racing wants 50/50. What’s the theory on two-wheeled sports where body weight has such a huge impact? Is it 60/40 […]

Pump track design tip: Simple is good

Hi Lee I’ve read your ebook “welcome-to-pump-track-nation” and it’s really great. I’d like to build a pumptrack in my garden. Attached you’ll find a picture of the total footprint. Could you give me maybe a suggestion for the track?……I mean about the berms, rollers, interchanges……..It would be really great. I can extend the length of […]

Should I be on a medium or small bike?

Hi Lee I just signed up for your RideLogic bike setup service. I’m 5’8″ and am a little stunned at the difference in dimensions that it recommends vs my current bike. I have one of those long low 27.5 Whyte bikes, and I ride a medium with a 450 mm reach (The RAD on that […]