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I am so stoked for the new Shimano XTR M9100 group

Not only will it have the XTR sweetness and Shimano bulletproofness, it’s also a very thorough approach to dialing in your bike for your riding style: • Wide variety of 1x and 2x gearing options • Refined shifters and derailleurs • Dropper seatpost remote • More powerful brakes in XC and enduro styles • Pedals […]

Team CRC-Mavic’s riding positions

It’s been said the Sam Hill has an upright riding style, and that he doesn’t follow the “hinge low and stay low” rules. I agree. To my eye, Sam gets his shoulders as low as he has to — and no lower. You often see this practice in top riders. It saves energy and, I think, […]

DH tire recommendations for my son

Lee, I’m looking to replace my sons 26×2.3 tires. He rides mostly DH and at bootleg which is rocky. Looking for a tough tire. I see the minion dhf seems to only come in 2.5. Being fairly new to all this I was looking for some recommendations and information. How do I know if the […]

Pump Up the Base workout B is kicking my butt

Hi Lee, When I do Pump Up the Base intervals, workout A is pretty straight forward sweet spot training. My power level and heart rate stay pretty stable. Workout B is a different animal. Climbing, ladders, etc. blow me out pretty quickly. My heart rate goes anaerobic fairly fast and it generally ends in a […]