Core training for mountain biking

Lee, I’ve been focused on legs strength and stamina. My legs are good now. My core feels like a bowl of jelly. What are some of the best exercises for building my core?

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Squats vs. deadlifts

Hi Lee,
how’s your lifting going? Hope all is well?
Whats your opinion about deadlift vs. squats? Are you squatting at all or solely focusing on deadlifts?
Thanks in advance + all the best,

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How do deadlifts apply to MTB?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been posting deadlift photos and videos on social media, and people are asking:

How do deadlifts apply to mountain biking?

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Pump Up the Base on my commute?


I am fortunate to be able to bike commute to work (25min each way) and ride at lunch (45min) for a total of 20 miles/day. I have been doing as many Pump Up the Vase segments in these time intervals as I can with about a 5 min warm-up. However, I am never doing the full workout duration and I want to know if this is ok or if my fitness will just be contained to short bursts? While doing the workouts on my commute I am getting PRs on Strava for sections that I literally rode 243 times last year. I know the weather will get crappy again and I will go back to the trainer but 70 in Denver is like crack to a bike addict like me:)

Also I have been training in my sweet spot (141- 160) based on my highest heart rate (188) on real rides. During the base workouts in week 1 and 2 I am struggling to come down from my sweet spot range without doing limited resistance. Also, when I am in the sweet spot I am riding high in the range. I can stay in the sweet spot without giving it much thought. I am in decent shape with a 49 resting BPM. However, I cant clean mount falcon without stopping and routinely get smoked up it. BTW that is my fitness goal: up mount falcon without stopping.

Also I have been weaving in the F6 and I love both programs!

Kung Fu Ninja in training!!


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A good midweek workout during race season?

Hello Lee
I am a huge fan of your books, already got PUTB, P2TI and Mastering MTB skills, they really added a huge increase both in my fitness and skills.
PUTB got me trying XC racing this year, and now that the season is over I’m looking forward next year to improve my results.

Got one question: I just began PUTB, I am on W4 this week, and I’m planning to rock P2PI right after to get in great shape for March, when I have my first races.
I am doing these workouts on tuesday and thursday, and I always get a long, fun MTB ride with friends on sunday morning.
Is that a good strategy?

During the race season, what do you recommand as a workout for the weekday?



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New tricks: Unstable single legged dead lift

The first snow of the year is on the ground here in Boulder, CO. While I’m bummed to be off the bike this winter, I’m excited to learn more and get stronger.

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