New tricks: Unstable single legged dead lift

The first snow of the year is on the ground here in Boulder, CO. While I’m bummed to be off the bike this winter, I’m excited to learn more and get stronger.

Lately I’ve been adding a balance board to my F6 and Enduro MTB Training work. Because:

• Sharpening the vestibular and neuromuscular blade.

• If you can’t lift heavy, you might as well lift tricky.

• Finding a more centered center, while learning to express beautiful violence over a wider area. This, in my mind, is one of the keys to shredding on a bike.

• It feels good. Lots of important muscles are getting turned on and warmed up.

• It’s fun.

The single leg deadlift is a useful move (and part of the F6). Today I wanted to see if I can do it on the board.

That wasn’t so bad. Now we add some load and see how beautifully violent we can get.

Have fun out there,


Know more. Have more fun!

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