Mixing it up on a rainy morning

Today I was scheduled to get my butt kicked on a trail ride by my friend Nick, a recently retired World Cup XC racer.

But rain and busy.


Nothing beats a real ride on a real trail, but this covers all of the systems (except shredding).

Off-bike stuff

My custom variation of Dee Tidwell’s Enduro MTB Training program, with some F6 mixed in.

• 30 minutes of balance, stability, mobility and strength. I’ve done this every day for months, and it’s helping me live with more pow! and less pain.

The squat row from F6: Six moves to build your foundation is a great move. These days I’m doing it on a balance board. If you can’t go heavy, get tricky, right?


A mini Pump Up the Base workout.

• 15 minutes gradual warmup to sweet spot (about 270 watts for me)

• 20 minutes at sweet spot, with seated sprints every 5 minutes

• Push the sprints over 1,000 watts, try to resume sweet spot within a minute and a half. Since my sustainable power probably won’t get any higher, I’m focusing on quicker recovery.

• 5 minutes easy

Rowing machine

Already warmed up so:

A mini “red interval” workout from Prepare to Pin It.

• 30 seconds at about 500 watts

• 30 seconds easy

• For a total of 10

Not pretty in any way, but it serves a purpose.

Pushups on a balance board

4 sets of 5, which is all I can handle.

Physical therapy for the left shoulder

3 out of 3 orthopedists want to chop it out and put a fake one in. I’m hanging onto this thing as long as I can.

Now back to the computer.

Have fun out there,


Know more. Have more fun!

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