Vision is kind of important

Yesterday I was working with a new LLB coach, Kristie Van Voorst, on the upper pump track at Valmont Bike Park.

I was riding laps, making common mistakes, and helping her identify and correct them.

At one point I wanted to ride perfectly at normal speed, but only make the mistake of staring right in front of my wheel (instead of scanning to the next corner).

As soon as I locked my eyes on the ground, I slowed way down, and my body simply wouldn’t execute proper pumping technique. The more I committed to looking down, the slower and more awkward it got.

Crazy: No matter how dialed your skills are, if you don’t give yourself good data, you can’t execute.

This is great vision. In one turn but already looking into the next one:

Remote coaching: BMX success story

I just got a cool note from Roger in Finland. I’ve been helping his daughter with her BMX skills for a few years, and she’s now on the Finnish National BMX Team!

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Racing for the right reasons

Hi Lee,

A while ago you I believe you wrote an article that addressed racing mountain bikes and why people do it. I think the byline was something like “If you’re racing, ask yourself why?”. Does that ring a bell? If so, could you send me the link so I can re-read it?

I’m the former head coach of a high school mountain bike team, and I’ve become quite disillusioned with racing. We’ve lost no small number of kids who loved (notice the past tense here) mountain biking, joined our team, and quit in frustration because training for racing, and racing itself, took all joy out of the sport. I feel really bad about this, and I know other coaches around the state are experiencing the same thing. Kids should not join a club and end up hating mountain biking. Something is seriously amiss here.

Me, I’m done with racing. I’m riding for fun and fitness now. It’s why I fell in love with the sport in the first place.


Ex Racer Dude

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Fall classes in Idaho and California

Hi all,

I’ll be teaching in Boise, NorCal and SoCal this Fall. I hope to see you!

San Jose/Santa Cruz, CA
>>> Join us Oct. 27-30, 2017

Vail Lake Resort, Temecula, CA
>>> Join us Nov. 10 and 13, 2017

Eagle Bike Park, Boise, ID
>>> Join us Sept. 29, 2017

Shredding with XTERRA legends Ben and Jacqui Allen

As a teacher, I love helping all kinds of riders ride better and have more fun. The amount of improvement people can enjoy … it’s staggering! You just need to spend a little time with me. Afterward you’ll say “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Last week I got to work XTERRA legends Ben and Jacqui Allen. These are two of the best racers in the world … and they got way better in just a couple hours of RipRow™ and bike work.

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Women-only Level 1 MTB classes at Valmont Bike Park

Hi everyone!

In the past I’ve never offered public women-only classes.


1. I work with people, not genders.

2. Gender does not determine how you ride or learn. I’ve taught more than 5,000 people at all levels, ages and genders. Contrary to stereotypes, some men are too timid and some women are too careless. I teach people, not genders.

3. Other women’s classes I’ve seen seem like watered down rah-rah sessions rather than actual instruction. If you want to go have fun with your friends, do it! If you want to learn how to Ride and Live better, come to an LLB class.

4. Well more than half of my clients, especially in private and semi-private groups, are women. I never saw a need to exclude the other gender.

However, something special happens when a group of women joins in a spirit of shared shred, and there’s no doubt that a female coach can reach female riders in ways I can’t. I felt this the last time Amy Shenton co-coached a large group of women from a local club. Something magic was happening. And we want to make more magic.


We are now offering women-only classes!

Learn More and Sign Up at EventBrite >>>

Amy is teaching classes April 18, April 25 and May 2. If there’s demand we’ll add more.

Take care,


Kung fu MTB skills classes in Frisco, CO

We are stoked to teach classed at the excellent Frisco Bike Park in Frisco, CO

Sept. 10 – Two Level 1 classes with coach Kevin Stiffler.

Sept. 17 – One Level 2 class with Kevin and Lee McCormack.

Learn more and sign up at the Town of Frisco’s site >>>

Level 2 skills class at Sunset East trails, in Erie, CO

On my 47th birthday a couple days ago, The Wife and I explored the trails at Sunset East in Erie, CO.

What fun! An easy climb with green, blue and black descents, all flowy and lovely. It’s the perfect layout for riders of different levels to enjoy mountain biking. Go slow, go fast, go little or go big. It’s all there. I, for one, plan to nab the blue KOM.

On Oct. 1, 2016 I’m teaching a Level 2 skills class. Learn to ride these trails (and others) with style!

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Are you in danger or just being a wimp? Ask yourself these four questions

When you’re Riding (with a capital R), you roll over most trail features without a care. You’re Flowing in the moment, and your body is executing trained patterns in a fluid and, I might add, awesome way. But sometimes you encounter a thing. That thing could be a drop, a jump — anything that makes you stop and have to decide whether to go for it.

In my classes (and with myself) I ask these questions:

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Fall class: Cornering for ‘crossers

Do you want to ride faster with less effort? Do you want to drop the competition with style and grace? How about having more fun when you ride?

What self respecting cyclocrosser doesn’t want these things?

Learn more. Sign up. Start winning >>>

Side knobs. Use ’em!

Join us in Moab this October or April!

The LLB Spring Moab camp was so rad we’re doing it again — only better.

Where: Moab, UT

When: Oct. 22-25, 2015 and April 21-24, 2016

Why: Learn deep kung fu MTB skills and have tons of fun.

Who: Anyone who wants to ride more types of terrain faster, radder and safer. You!

Learn more and sign up: LLB camps in Moab, UT >>>

Recovering from hard rides


The end-of-day recovery from your four day clinic (LLB Moab Camp Oct. 22-25, 2015) is very interesting to me. As I am 54 I find this is becoming extremely important. What can I do to learn about the best recovery for me?


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