Fall class: Cornering for ‘crossers

Do you want to ride faster with less effort? Do you want to drop the competition with style and grace? How about having more fun when you ride?

What self respecting cyclocrosser doesn’t want these things?

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Side knobs. Use ’em!

Seeing God on a cyclocross bike

If you read sites like mudandcowbells.com (which is excellent), you’ll sense the tone of awe, like cyclocross racers are touching God. That’s a sure sign they’re reaching a major state of Flow (capital F).

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Crossing it up

In Rome you do whatever the Romans do. In Boulder you ride cyclocross.

This weekend is a big CX race at Valmont Bike Park, so this morning …

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Local trails on the cross bike

These local trails are in Peebles, Scottish Borders.

Nice riding and video work by Andy Wardman.

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Lee Likes Cyclocross

When I signed up for yesterday’s Boulder Cup cyclocross in the 35+ Cat 4 class, I had no idea what to expect. As a new CX racer, would I get my ass kicked, or would I kick ass and look like a sandbagger?

I did NOT sandbag, but I did have fun.

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