Do you want to ride faster with less effort? Do you want to drop the competition with style and grace? How about having more fun when you ride?

Let’s do it.

The class

Two hours that will change your life. Corner so well you don’t even have to train for pedaling. Spend more time with your kids.

Bring your bike of choice. CX or MTB. Shredding is shredding.

Six riders max. We’re all about quality around here.

Location is the world famous Valmont Bike Park. If needed, we’ll change venue to suit the conditions.

Cost is $100 and the best money you’ll ever spend on riding.

Your teacher is Lee McCormack. Lee works with riders of all styles and levels, writes bicycle technique and training books, and serves as the skills development director for the national high school mountain bike league.

Wet, off camber grass? Whatever.

What you’ll learn

Body Position for Victory, as opposed to body position for pack filler.

Braking like you mean it. Spend more time going fast. Less time deathgripping your bars.

Racing like a wolf, not a sheep. Choose smart, fun lines.

The essentials of badass cornering. Carve loose corners safely. Use turns to generate traction and speed.

BTW: These skills apply to all bikes as well as motorcycles and skis. Rollerblades too.

The powerhouse RallySport CX team has kung fu. Do you?

Dates and times

Wednesday, Nov. 4 : 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Valmont Bike Park : SIGN UP >>>

Saturday, Nov. 28 : 10 a.m. to noon at Valmont Bike Park : SIGN UP >>>

Private classes are always available.

Packages and rates are here >>>

Email to start winning.

Side knobs. Use ’em!

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