Local trails on the cross bike

These local trails are in Peebles, Scottish Borders.

Nice riding and video work by Andy Wardman.

Local trails ala cx from Andy Wardman on Vimeo.

Andy is riding that bike really well. It’s cool to see what can be done on a CX machine.

As a technique nerd, I wonder how Andy’s foot-out cornering would change if he extended his inside foot forward instead of hanging it to the side.

It’s snowing in Boulder, CO. I’m taking the Tricross out later.

Know more. Have more fun!

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  1. vapor says:

    Regarding the foot out technique:

    Think about the very acute hip angle if one is riding in the drops and tries to put their foot real far forward.

  2. vapor says:

    My previous post was my best guess as to why the foot out real far forward isn’t seen much in cross. Well…

    Damn: https://www.leelikesbikes.com/wp-content/103110cxangles.jpg

    Lee is bringing it! I think at the most elite level, the turns are always railed the fastest feet up in cross. The dangling foot out only comes out as a safety net. Some of the world champs were junior bmx champs, ride motos, ect, so they do know their options, but maybe they should consult with Lee and dial it up even more! The next book from Lee (and Brian Lopes! http://www.brianlopes.com/archives/000446.html ) just might be cross techniques.

  3. leelikesbikes says:

    The cross book idea sure has “crossed” my mind, and I already have the support of a national CX champ. Right now Brian is California state champ. Knowing him, he won’t stop now!

    Thanks re: the above photo. That turn was off camber, frosty and slippery. I brought my foot forward to shift weight onto my front wheel (moto style — never “dangle” the foot!). If you can only get one tire to stick, make sure it’s the front, eh?

    I’d love to try that technique in the pro class, but that would last about 100 meters …

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