Danny Mac-A-skill

Lee – I was just watching the new video from Danny MacAskill, that man is a bike Kung Fu master (and he has the perfect last name Mac-A-skill). His technique is the perfect visual representation of your instruction for jumping and landing in MMBSii. I guess if you can land as light as MacAskill the drop to flat limit for a dirt jump bike is approximately 20 feet! He truly is amazing.



Yeah man, Danny MacAskill is amazing. He shows such skill, confidence, creativity, power, flow — soul — wow. His filmmaker buddy Dave Sowerby is also a bad ass.

While everything Danny does is way beyond my ability, as a skills teacher I can see Danny’s absolute mastery of core bike control.

He knows how to stay balanced in every situation, and he knows how to give and absorb force in every direction. That means he can do pretty much whatever he wants.

I think the only limit is his limitless imagination.

He is truly amazing.

— Lee

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