Danny Mac-A-skill

Lee – I was just watching the new video from Danny MacAskill, that man is a bike Kung Fu master (and he has the perfect last name Mac-A-skill). His technique is the perfect visual representation of your instruction for jumping and landing in MMBSii. I guess if you can land as light as MacAskill the drop to flat limit for a dirt jump bike is approximately 20 feet! He truly is amazing.



Yeah man, Danny MacAskill is amazing. He shows such skill, confidence, creativity, power, flow — soul — wow. His filmmaker buddy Dave Sowerby is also a bad ass.

While everything Danny does is way beyond my ability, as a skills teacher I can see Danny’s absolute mastery of core bike control.

He knows how to stay balanced in every situation, and he knows how to give and absorb force in every direction. That means he can do pretty much whatever he wants.

I think the only limit is his limitless imagination.

He is truly amazing.

— Lee

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  1. electric says:

    Honestly… hahaha. With the way i’ve been riding, now I feel like I should have a pacifier in my mouth out on the trail!

    Lee, i’ve had a thought – do you think there is a specific body type that is good at this trials stuff? It seems that lanky people with relatively small torsos make good trial and downhill riders. My thinking was that the comparatively long arms and long legs help in developing good height for jumping and excessive body english.

    Ryan leech, another famous trials rider has a similar body/limb ratio(the so called ape index).

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    Ha! Danny makes us all look like stiff-riding pansies.

    Long limbs sure can’t hurt. I also suspect he’s very fast-twitch, and that he is able to recruit a higher percentage of his muscle fibers than most of us. His strength-to-weight ratio is probably ridiculous.

    BTW: When you’re flipping off a house, there’s no such thing as “excessive” body English!

  3. aussie chris says:

    I always thought it interesting that many of the huckers and freeriders are on the shorter side. Bender, Crispy, and Robbie Bourdon are quite small guys indeed.

  4. JC says:

    The inspired bike team is sick. 24″ street trials have changed the game. Now trials is cool again. Check out inspired bikes, specially Sean Watson riding brakeless… Boulder seems to have a good trials community, with the Ripstoke team for support.
    Lee, I’m surprised you don’t have a trials bike??

  5. aussie chris says:

    I’m not quite sure if there is too much cross-over from trials to trail riding. I used to dabble a bit in trials a million years ago but there were only certain conditions where those skills were useful out trail riding. In comparison, when I started dirt jumping the skills not only translated but gave a super-hit to my trail riding skills.

    The worst thing about trials is that you have to behave yourself because you will never ever outrun the cops with such low gearing!

  6. Max Jansons says:

    Danny Mac’s riding in the first two vids are a perfect illustration of light hands and heavy feet. Also look how low down on the bike he gets compared to the other riders when attacking the rocks.

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