Dangerous jumping advice

Good video. Good teaching style. Great rider. Some dangerous advice.

What’s dangerous? The idea that your torso should rotate with the bike. Rich Drew is a great rider, and he handles it just fine, but beginners are likely to get pitched over the bars.

I believe we should *always* balance on our feet and match the bike angle to the moment. This is simple, consistent and safe.

Here’s Rich:

If a client flew this high and forward, I’d stop him, yell at him and correct the dangerous habit. Rich is a truly great rider, so it works OK for him. It might not work for you.

What do you think?


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  1. James Vasilyev says:

    i’ve been watching his videos lately, and as you say, he’s a great rider. i’m not so sure about this one. i think he might be onto something (for me) but i do wonder as his position looks challenging and a bit scary if the terrain isn’t as smooth as where he rides. i’ve wondered about a few of his techniques.

  2. Judd says:

    I thought the last picture of him was a shot of someone crashing. The head down, arched back, frozen through air style he has is very reminiscent to a lot of the jumping I see on Pinkbike’s Friday Fail videos. The last big jump in the video just looks awkward and like he is scared once he leaves the ground. He can obviously ride and has learned how to be on the edge of being bucked over, but think this instruction is a lawsuit waiting to happen for him.


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