7 common jumping mistakes according to Rich Drew

Rich Drew is an MTB skills coach.

I think most of his tips are spot on.

1. Pedaling too close to the jump

2. Pedals not level

3. Hips too far back (I slightly disagree*)

4. Lifting the bike

5. Shooting the hips back in the air (I slightly disagree*)

6. Rigor mortis

7. Landing rear wheel first

*I believe you should hinge. Rich appears to ride in more of a squat.

The main difference between Rich’s and my approach seems to be this:

Rich says, “As the bike’s angle changes, my torso stays with it.” Here he is:

I say, “Keep your torso level and make the bike rotate independently from you.”

Fun stuff. What do you think?


PS: Here’s pro rider Joe Barnes.

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  1. Dave Ventre says:

    I saw Rich’s video not long ago and to me, it seemed like a good way to go OTB, especially for less expert riders. Glad I am not alone in thinking this.

  2. Victoria K says:

    Don’t know much about this fellow but I’ve always squatted more than hinged. His background is in BMX, mine in martial arts…for whatever that’s worth. He certainly looks more neutral/strong/able to adjust to impact better than having a flat back with arms out and I know I feel more agile and responsive with similar positioning. I appreciate you addressing the ridiculous elbows always out advice in your other articles! Us ladies get a lot of “safest practice” advice rather than expert advice. Maybe this could use similar analysis? Don’t under estimate your audience, you know?


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