7 common jumping mistakes according to Rich Drew

Rich Drew is an MTB skills coach.

I think most of his tips are spot on.

1. Pedaling too close to the jump

2. Pedals not level

3. Hips too far back (I slightly disagree*)

4. Lifting the bike

5. Shooting the hips back in the air (I slightly disagree*)

6. Rigor mortis

7. Landing rear wheel first

*I believe you should hinge. Rich appears to ride in more of a squat.

The main difference between Rich’s and my approach seems to be this:

Rich says, “As the bike’s angle changes, my torso stays with it.” Here he is:

I say, “Keep your torso level and make the bike rotate independently from you.”

Fun stuff. What do you think?


PS: Here’s pro rider Joe Barnes.

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  1. Dave Ventre says:

    I saw Rich’s video not long ago and to me, it seemed like a good way to go OTB, especially for less expert riders. Glad I am not alone in thinking this.

  2. Victoria K says:

    Don’t know much about this fellow but I’ve always squatted more than hinged. His background is in BMX, mine in martial arts…for whatever that’s worth. He certainly looks more neutral/strong/able to adjust to impact better than having a flat back with arms out and I know I feel more agile and responsive with similar positioning. I appreciate you addressing the ridiculous elbows always out advice in your other articles! Us ladies get a lot of “safest practice” advice rather than expert advice. Maybe this could use similar analysis? Don’t under estimate your audience, you know?

  3. Kai says:

    Squatting could be more stable and comfortable than hinging. You just look ahead and ride along in a more anatomcally natural body posture.
    But at the end of the days it is perosnal prefence.
    Reagrding the image aboive; that is a downhill race jump style. There are numerous examples of pro racers in a more upright positon as many trainers say: stay tall and strong, whereas with hinging any impact can potentially let you collaps as the muscles involved are not very strong (squatting is gluteus and quads, hinging is lower back)
    So these are my 2ct.


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