Making tools to make rollers and berms sweet

Our friend Liam made some cool tools to help him make his pump track parfect.

Check ’em out …

Hi Lee,

I just thought I would say your manuals are great. I used Pump Track Nation v2 and Sweet Little Track pump track plan to build myself a lock-down track in my garden.  I have built and ridden DH and trails many years, but my first attempt at building a pump track lacked the flow to maintain speed. Your manuals contain just the right details and information to help with this for version 2. Nailing the planning phase really is the key.
I just thought I would share a few additional things that helped me get that consistency. I built two tools, a burm shaper and a pump shaper.
  • The burm shaper was fixed to a peg at the centre of the corner and helped maintain a constant corner radius and radius on the burm face. I guess this tool be upgraded to have interchangeable shapers and different length settings
  • The pump shaper worked by setting a 2″x4″ into the ground at all the low point of all the pumps. The shaper could then be slid along to shape the dirt. It could also be split in half to allow shaping one half of a roller. e.g for a double roller or the rollers that lead into the burms.
The hardest thing I found was drawing these arcs onto the timber, so I made the shapes in 2D cad and then drew a series of straight lines to make my curve. I’m going out on a limb here but, if you were to include these in a future update it would be a great help to have a few different templates like this to help others make the shapers..
Anyway. Thanks and stay safe


Thanks for sending this. Super cool!

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