Incorporating RipRow with spin bike and strength training


1st I’m 5ft 11 in and 260. I own a Riprow and a Nordic Track bike. I have the tools to succeed and I love to ride my bike. I’m stronger than last year. But my question is how can I utilize the Riprow better. Should I workout daily with it? Should I use it in conjunction with strength workouts? I would like to be the best rider possible by next season here in Bend, Oregon. I have goals and riding aspirations and want to be a success story.

Can you give any suggestions on how to improve physically on the bike and on the trail? My financial situation doesn’t allow me to have a lot of subscriptions. Riprow and spin bike were not cheap but that’s what I have.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hi John!

This is a complex question.

How often and for how long do you train?



Thank you for responding.

I would have workouts in 30 min blocks. 4 times a week. I would utilize the workouts from iFIT and add the RIPROW as an accessory. But after this season I realized I felt better the next day after using the RipRow. But I don’t want to over train.



I recommend trying more exercise. 30 minutes six days a week as a start, with the aim of 60 minutes a day six days a week. But that’s an individual decision.

Try doing one of our ~30 minute live workouts twice a week to increase your workouts to six days a week. They are posted on the RipRow Facebook page. We do them every Monday and Wednesday, so you can tune in live if that works for you.

Then tell me how it goes.



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