Bike review: Lenz Sport Behemoth

Hello Friends,

I spent much of last season on a Lenz Sport Behemoth, and I’m here to tell you about it.

This article begins with some background and context. For the bottom line, scroll to the bottom, which seems like a fine place for a bottom line.
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Riding the 2021 Specialized Epic EVO Pro

I spent yesterday on the brand new 2021 Specialized Epic EVO Pro.

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Riding the Stumpjumper EVO 29 Pro Carbon

Last week I rode the 2019 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Pro Carbon 29 in Moab, UT.


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Is the new geometry worth a bike upgrade?

Dear Lee

I have a Stumpjumper FSR Comp 29er from 2014. I really like this bike BUT I know the the newer bikes of the same type changed quite a bit in terms of the geometry. They have shorter chainstays and a slacker head angle for example. What are your thoughts about this? I don’t have a lot of money to spend for a new bike but I’m asking myself whether I would improve my riding with a longer and slacker geometry.

Hopefully you can help me quickly with some insights.

Thanks a lot and kind regards,


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Last weekend I was in NorCal teaching and doing a RipRow™ demo at Trail Head Cyclery. Thursday Lars Thomsen and I talked business, assembled the machines then went for a ride. It was getting late.

We drove to Santa Teresa and parked at the “Lover’s Lane” lot near IBM. The sun was setting. I told Lars:

“I don’t want to be afraid.”

Over the past several years, as my shoulders have deteriorated, rocks have become painful, and I’ve become very afraid. But I’ve been doing the REVO physical therapy and RipRow work. My shoulders are stronger. My Specialized Enduro Öhlins Coil is the most capable trail bike in the world. I want to ride aggressively and not worry about the details.

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Guerrilla Gravity Trail Pistol: for punk rock ninjas?

In the words of Guerrilla Gravity: “As the “Singletrack Flyer,” the Trail Pistol inspires the kind of fun you only experience flying through the pit of a punk rock show. The kind of reckless fun that reminds you why you started mountain biking in the first place.”

That is some good copy. Especially if you’ve never been in a real pit of a real punk rock show (before punk went mainstream). In reality they are violent and crazy and kinda scary! I have this awesome scar from a show …

But it’s great copy, and I think it captures the intent of the Trail Pistol.

After riding this bike for two days with about 11 hours of ride time, here are some other things I think:

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Guerilla Gravity Pedalhead: Front Range weapon?

Guerrilla Gravity says “The Pedalhead is an adventure hardtail built for everything from crushing singletrack miles, getting rad around town, or as an all-around play bike.”

I just spent a day on one, and here’s what I say:

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Expanding your quiver from 2 to 3 bikes


Here’s what I am thinking – would like your input as I am getting a new bike [Mikkel, a Specialized ambassador, has been riding a Stumpy 6Fattie for the past year].

Epic – for XC racing and long rides

Camber 29er – perfect for the Santa Monica trails

Enduro 29er (with a 6Fattie wheel set) – for bigger riding (mount Wilson and shredding)

I am thinking of getting rid of the stumpy in favor of the Enduro.

What do you think of having those three bikes?


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Tire upgrade for 2012 Stumpy Expert 29?

I have the same Stumpjumper Expert 2012 you have. Mine has original shocks and has carbon Roval rims Been riding a 2.3 Ground Control front and 2.1 Captain rear. I have a 2.4 Purgatory I could put on front and move the Ground Control to rear.

My friends have 27.5 Nomads etc. We ride freeride. Could get Maxxis DHR front and DHR rear. Is that a good setup for my Stumpjumper 29? Roots and freeride with dry hardpack and loose pine needles.

Riding in Hawaii. Whats the best thing to upgrade this bike in tire handling to 2016 standards? Thanks, Jason

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2014 Stumpjumper FSR Expert Carbon EVO

I just spent the weekend teaching on a 2014 Stumpjumper FSR Expert Carbon EVO 29. The bike rips up and down, and you can get a screaming deal on it.

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S-Works Stumpjumper hardtail with FOX Terralogic fork

Meet my new friend. We’ve only hung out a few times, but we’re starting to get along pretty well.

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Early impressions: Specialized Slaughter tire

Many of you are running Specialized Butcher tires on the fronts of your all-mountain/enduro bikes.

The Butcher is a versatile and dependable choice. But what do you run in back, especially if you want faster rolling?

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