Follow Friday: XL Slopestyle at Valmont Bike Park

So fun!

Bike: Specialized S-Works Fuse. This thing is so versatile.

Guerrilla Gravity Trail Pistol vs. Specialized Stumpjumper 6Fattie?

Hi Lee,
I hope you are well and I am not pestering you with this question. Last year I crashed in Downieville on my SC Nomad 3 and broke myself and the frame. SC replaced the frame but with the new Nomad and although it is a great bike it is much more difficult to climb with it. I am considering replacing the bike with either the GG Trail Pistol (setup +) or Stumpjumper 6Fattie, bikes I know you are familiar with. My good friend just bought a Trail Pistol off one of your instructors and loves it.

What are your thoughts; any other bikes I should consider?

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First 2 rides: Specialized S-Works Fuse

Top of the line carbon plus hardtail. Roval carbon wheels. Öhlins 120mm air fork. 27.5×3″ GRID Purgatory in front, Ground Control in rear, both with Gripton rubber. 15psi front, 17psi rear.


I rode our gnarliest, rockiest local trail. Usually ridden on 160mm Enduro but shredded with impunity on this light saber.


Rode from home. Paved climbing and a few laps of a smooth, private singletrack at a neighbor’s house. Fast. Fun.

Guerrilla Gravity Shred Dogg: mid-travel attack bike

Guerrilla Gravity says: “This is a bike that turns your local trail into your very own pump track. The Shred Dogg provides an exceptionally lively platform for those that value playfulness more than smashing the super-gnar. Plus with Gravity Mode™ available, you still have the downhill chops for when going gets rough…er.

More great copy from the little bike company in Denver, CO.

It’s also another great bike from Guerrilla Gravity. I just spent two weeks on a Shred Dogg, and here are some thoughts.

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Guerrilla Gravity Trail Pistol: for punk rock ninjas?

In the words of Guerrilla Gravity: “As the “Singletrack Flyer,” the Trail Pistol inspires the kind of fun you only experience flying through the pit of a punk rock show. The kind of reckless fun that reminds you why you started mountain biking in the first place.”

That is some good copy. Especially if you’ve never been in a real pit of a real punk rock show (before punk went mainstream). In reality they are violent and crazy and kinda scary! I have this awesome scar from a show …

But it’s great copy, and I think it captures the intent of the Trail Pistol.

After riding this bike for two days with about 11 hours of ride time, here are some other things I think:

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First ride: Specialized Purgatory 27.5×3 GRID tire

I’ve been riding plus tires all season on a Specialized Fuse and Stumpjumper 6Fattie. Both bikes came with 27.5×3″ Purgatory front and Ground Control rear tires, all in the lightweight Control casing. Both bikes are super capable and fun to ride.

Last weekend I rode the new Specialized Purgatory 27.5×3 GRID tires on both ends of my Stumpy. WHOA.

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