Tire upgrade for 2012 Stumpy Expert 29?

I have the same Stumpjumper Expert 2012 you have. Mine has original shocks and has carbon Roval rims Been riding a 2.3 Ground Control front and 2.1 Captain rear. I have a 2.4 Purgatory I could put on front and move the Ground Control to rear.

My friends have 27.5 Nomads etc. We ride freeride. Could get Maxxis DHR front and DHR rear. Is that a good setup for my Stumpjumper 29? Roots and freeride with dry hardpack and loose pine needles.

Riding in Hawaii. Whats the best thing to upgrade this bike in tire handling to 2016 standards? Thanks, Jason

Hey Jason,

That 2012 Stumpy 29 still rates as an awesome bike. I’ve ridden mine for bike park, trail, downhill, dirt jump, slopestyle and slalom. As a matter of fact, I rode mine to the vet final at the Sea Otter dual slalom. Yes, a slalom final … on a 29er. That bike straight up shreds. Read Why did I ride my Stumpy 29 for Sea Otter dual slalom.

It’s hard to out-rail a dialed 29er trail bike. Dual slalom at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, CO.

Sure, it feels different from a 27.5 bike, but that’s a good thing. The Stumpy 29 carries easier speed over chatter, and, in my opinion, the bigger wheel and longer contract patch can outcorner smaller wheels. Also, because the bike has less suspension than, say, a Nomad, it can pump more effectively. This all takes skill, of course.

A 2.4 Puratory front and 2.3 Ground Control rear is a great all-around combo and what my bike has right now. Since you own those tires, do that right now.

Next step would be a Butcher front and Purgatory rear, or Butchers front and rear. The Minions are similar to Butchers. These combos will give you even more bite and confidence, especially in loose conditions.

The snap of a 130mm bike with the roll of a 160mm bike. In the right hands (and even in my hands), a mid travel 29er like the Stumpy 29 is a formidable weapon.

Have fun.


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