Expanding your quiver from 2 to 3 bikes


Here’s what I am thinking – would like your input as I am getting a new bike [Mikkel, a Specialized ambassador, has been riding a Stumpy 6Fattie for the past year].

Epic – for XC racing and long rides

Camber 29er – perfect for the Santa Monica trails

Enduro 29er (with a 6Fattie wheel set) – for bigger riding (mount Wilson and shredding)

I am thinking of getting rid of the stumpy in favor of the Enduro.

What do you think of having those three bikes?



Cool man, cool.

Epic – Fastest bike on the planet. Perfect for XC racing and long rides. Very shreddable in skilled hands.

Camber 29 – Excellent all-around trail bike. Fun on mellow trails. Capable in some pretty serious gnar, especially with your skills. I rallied mine everywhere from Valmont Bike Park to midwest woods to SoCal DH gnar.

Enduro 29 – Pretty much the most capable and badass trail bike you can get. When I got my 2014 Enduro 29, my amazing Stumpy 29 never got ridden again. In my experience, the Enduro delivers significantly greater capability with a small price in weight and inefficiency. If you have the terrain, this is your bike!

When you throw 6Fattie wheels onto your Enduro, you’re looking at a crazy level of traction and control — a downhill bike that climbs pretty darn well. If you keep the stock 29 wheels, they’ll feel great on mellower trails and/or more packed dirt. The Soquel Demonstration forest in Santa Cruz comes to mind. Wow, my Enduro 29 and I have had some great times there.

Those three will make an awesome quiver!

Collapsing your quiver from 5 to 2 bikes, then back to 3

I’ve consolidated my entire trail fleet – Stumpy 29 hardtail, Camber 29, Stumpy 29, Enduro 29 and Demo 26 — into a Fuse 6Fattie and a Stumpy 6Fattie. Those two bikes cover a lot of ground, so to speak.

However, I’m jonesing for a new Enduro! If I can make that happen, the Enduro will become my DH/big trail bike. My Stumpy will get a firmer tune, and it might wear 29 wheels from time to time.

How lucky we are to worry about such things!


Know more. Have more fun!

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