Testing my pump track

Phase 2 of my pump track is built and ready to pack. Today I did a little flow testing. These images are so-so, but they show how the track flows.

I am super stoked with the track. It’s fun to ride, and it accomplished its goals.

• Learn about building a pump track on a steep slope.
• Work with the existing terrain.
• Use endemic dirt.
• Make sure everything drains — without pipes and such.
• Combine the best parts of pump track and trail.
• Help push the Pump Track Nation to a new place.

Build by the Mighty James Hall. Great job James.

Re-creating that feeling of popping between singletrack corners.

STYLE ALERT: Whoa, I actually threw a whip! Trying to get a bigger piece of that wedge-shaped backside.

We were worried we wouldn’t carry enough speed to ride the corner up the hill. Ha.

Dappled light but nice flow.

This shocked me. The bottom of the corner entrance is as least 10 feet below this spine.

This feels so cool.

BACK TO NO STYLE: A little turnbar as I jump into a faaassst uphill turn.

Topped out and working it.

Finessing the transition across that spine.

Whoa! Fast!

I’m starting to brush that tree with my arm. Upper armor for pump track riding?

Lateral transition while driving forward: one of my favorite feelings on a bike.

YEAH! This is what I was hoping for!

On Tuesday the plate compactor will beat this track into hardpacked glory. Braaap!

Know more. Have more fun!

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