Pedaling and flowing in the Southeast

I just got back from riding in Miami, FL and Myrtle Beach, SC. Impressions:

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The LLB Spring 2015 Moab Camp was so rad

Our first multi-day destination camp is done, and it was beyond awesome. I’m still jazzed … and I’m planning improvements to the next camp.

Check out the epic tale and photos:

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Four days of Awesome in Peoria, IL

I had no idea mountain biking in the Midwest is so big — and excellent.

Just returned from four days of teaching and riding in Peoria, IL. Thoughts:

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Shredding with the Caveman

It’s been my pleasure to help 7-time XTERRA world champion the “Caveman” Conrad Stoltz get even faster and smoother on his bike. Oh yeah, and he’s having more fun too.

In this video we ride Hall Ranch in Lyons, CO. Conrad is fast!

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Frustrated by switchbacks


Super bummed you are not heading to NorCal, but I am hoping I can ask you one question though. My Kryptonite is switchbacks, I have the absolute worst time on them. I have read your book, taken a few skills clinics (other companies) just plain tried to ride them, and I have the hardest fricken time with them. I don’t know if it is a mental block or something either. Are there any tips and maybe a drill or two I can practice in my driveway or something? I am tired of dismounting when I know that is something my skill level should totally be able to ride with no problems. Thank you!!

Frustrated by switchbacks, -Brandy

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Riding Vail on a Saturday

On Saturday I enjoyed a fantastic XC/DH ride in Vail, CO.

It’s great to see so many civilians out having fun on their bikes. I sure had fun too.

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Cool folks, new skills, rad trails and a sweet bike in Fruita, CO

Last weekend I taught a skills clinic with EPC Multisport in Fruita, and it was rad.

A quick hit featuring: EPC Multisport, Fruita Bike Park, 18 Road trails, Kokopelli trails and the incredible Stumpy 29 S-EVO

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Two days on two bikes

Sunday on the Enduro, Monday on the Stumpy.

How can any bike feel better than this?

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Kirt Voreis rips

(But you already know that.)

When I imagine riding trails, this is what I look like.

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Striking pedals

Hi Lee,

Do you have any tips on how to ride trails that go though areas with rocks, roots, walls, or really deep ruts that can hit your pedal and effectively stop you in your tracks, due to loss of balance and needing to ride a fairly precise line?

My bike has a fairly low BB (12.5″ for 110mm travel) and I ride platform pedals, but continuously riding this particular part of the trail has helped, simply by finding areas to build speed so I wouldn’t have to pedal through these areas. Any area I have to pedal through tends to get me though. There’s one area where I must weave through big boulders right and left and also make it up steps and have a gear to make it up a steep climb. Shifting doesn’t seem possible. Normally it’s not pedal strikes that get me, but simply me avoiding pedal strikes and tipping over too much and losing balance. I assume that’s the problem. I tried the look ahead and plow through approach, but pedal strikes really do throw you off to be a problem that can’t be ignored.

I read the 2nd edition of your MTB skills book cover to cover, but can’t find a section that particular covers this type of riding. Any advice would be appreciated. I think my bike would appreciate it too. I think the side to side play at the BB has become worse from all the pedal strikes.


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Learning how to ride gnarly uphill switchbacks


We’ve just completed another track here in Toowoomba — and it has heaps of steep switchbacks on loose material. Now, your book had a fair chunk of detail on descending these types of things, and I’m achieving moderate success.

Climbing them — I leave much to be desired. Can you give a few additional recommendations on how to be more successful climbing steep, loose (dare I say hastily constructed, with no turning platform) switchbacks?

This (Toowoomba) is Jared Grave’s home town — and he has been out there the last couple of months using the tracks we’ve just revamped and the new ones we’ve constructed since the flood damage we had at the beginning of the year. I don’t actually know him, but quite a few guys in the club do.

Anyway, hope all is well with you, and thanks for your advice.

Kind regards,


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Austin, TX and the Specialized Camber Comp 29

Last weekend, as part of coach training for the Texas high school mountain bike league, I got to ride new trails on a new bike. This is a quick-hit review of the trails and the bike, plus riding a 29er and other stuff.

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