New-school flowing in Wyoming

Preview of a new freeride trail in Curt Gowdy State Park. This is a great time to be a mountain biker.

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New-school flowy XC love

Check out this new trail at Cragg Quarry in Bacup, Lancashire, England.

Fully geared up, holding the Stumpy, clicking my heels together … “There’s no place like Bacup, there’s no place like Bacup …”

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Why Keene rides a Stumpy instead of an Enduro

The web has some sweet videos of pro downhiller Curtis Keene rocking a Stumpjumper in Santa Cruz. Curtis can ride any Specialized he wants; why does he choose a Stumpy instead of an Enduro?

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You know things are lining up when

You’re climbing hard and it feels easy.

You’re descending fast and it feels slow.

Skinny guy surprises

Yesterday two strange things happened involving skinny guys on bikes.

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The Carbon Enduro Chronicles: Left Hand Canyon

Yesterday I took the Mighty Carbon Enduro to my favorite OHV area. Findings:

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The Carbon Enduro Chronicles: local benchmark ride

Hey all, I’m back from Sea Otter, back from Ranchstyle and back from two weeks of puking and coughing. It’s time to see what this 2010/11 Enduro Pro Carbon is all about.

Yesterday I rolled my local techy/steep loop, and …

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Sea Otter XC racing tips

Hey Lee, I am 13 year old kid and I’m going to be racing in the Sea Otter XC. Do you have any tips for me for the race? I have raced the CCCX xc race in similar terrain, so I know there will be a sh*t load of sand. I ride a 2007 Rocky Mountain Element 70 with Specialized The Captain s-work tires. What is the proper way to ride through deep sand? How should I pace myself through the race? Should I use a Camelback? If so, should I bring a spare tube/ tools, and if so, what should I bring?

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Sunday morning Colorado adventure

Oh yes, ’tis good to ride the bikes on real terrain. Today we had a good little adventure at Left Hand Canyon OHV area outside Boulder.

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A quick taste of Dinosaur Ridge

I often drive south through Lakewood, CO on the way to meetings in Littleton. I always pass Dinosaur Ridge on Highway C-470, and I always think, “Oh man I gotta ride there.”

Today was the day.

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Unleashing it on the world

I just ended the longest not-riding-outside stretch of my life. Four months of work, weather and babies have restricted my cycling to the garage. Yesterday’s weather looked good — finally! — so I took the new Stumpjumper to Left Hand Canyon OHV area.

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Embracing pedaling as a skill


I’m at a loss with climbing while riding with friends…I just can’t push a bigger gear and I can’t spin a smaller gear fast enough to keep up on climbs…I can bomb the downhill single track just fine but when it comes to climbing I just get left in the dust…and it doesn’t matter if it’s fire road, technical climbing, or just non-tech single track…it makes me just want to shuttle so I don’t look so weak…very frustrating.

So I know part of the deal is overall fitness level…I need to ride more, but it doesn’t really seem to matter how much I ride I still can’t keep up on climbs. Also it doesn’t matter what bike I ride…I have a full on xc bike @ 25lbs and I have an all mountain 6″ travel # 34lbs and I still get left in the dust…so I tend to lean toward the 6″ for the DH fun factor but on longer 18+ miles rides I go xc (most of the time).

What do you suggest to help me climb in a larger gear and or just keep up on climbs? Please point me in the right direction.

Regards, Lance – Sacramento

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