Skinny guy surprises

Yesterday two strange things happened involving skinny guys on bikes.


Yesterday morning I taught a private clinic with a Tokyo Joe’s racer. She is a great athlete and a cool person, and she absorbed the kung fu like a sponge. We rocked the Lyons Bike Park. Super fun.

I had a little time before an afternoon meeting (I’m building the technology platform for NICA), but first a quick trip up and down Picture Rock Trail. I rolled full Lycra, clip-in pedals and the Mighty 2010 Stumpy with 2.3 Eskar Controls.

Strange thing 1:

I passed a skinny guy on the climb. This is pretty darn unusual. He looked fit, equipped and motivated. When he saw me coming he sure sped up. I didn’t give him another thought until I and passed him.


But I guess it makes sense: Most of my rides are in my hilly neighborhood. I haven’t ridden pump track since Sea Otter.

Strange thing 2:

I almost got run over by a skinny guy. I was climbing a straight, fast section with good sight lines. I had my head down, zipping along just under LT, when I heard skidding and a strained yelp.


29er sliding sideways, shaven leg dragging a Sidi, a near miss.

“Sorry man, I didn’t see you.”

I looked down at my crazy rasta-colored jersey.

Uh, OK.

Aren’t I supposed to be the crazy DHer?

And also:

The climb felt super fast. The descent felt slow. Was I going slow, or did it feel slow because my bike is so sweet and I am so smooth?

I dunno. Let’s hope for the latter.

Have some fun this weekend, OK?

— Lee

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