A quick taste of Dinosaur Ridge

I often drive south through Lakewood, CO on the way to meetings in Littleton. I always pass Dinosaur Ridge on Highway C-470, and I always think, “Oh man I gotta ride there.”

Today was the day.

I parked in the valley next to the freeway and cruised through the trailhead. Mud! Within 10 feet my tires were caked. I was exhausted from lack of sleep and bummed about today’s meeting, but I didn’t want to abort the mission entirely. So I cruised the pavement up past the dinosaur fossils to the top of Dinosaur Ridge.

Near the top of climb, movement caught my eye. A dude on a Nomad was rocking down the ridgeline. He clattered down the steps, entered a switchback and — huh? — bombed straight down a slab toward the road. Did he miss the turn? Heck no — this was his line!

Very cool. After he raised his seat, I asked if the trail was dry. He said heck yeah, the valley is muddy but the ridgeline is perfect. Do I want to join him for a lap?

Heck yeah.

Russ cleaned the super-tech climbs (flat pedals!) and RIPPED some creative lines on the descents. I followed in a daze, lacking the focus and energy to hang with this guy. But what a treat, to watch a good rider wringing out his local trail.

As for you: Go wring out your local trail!

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