Winter pumptrack madness (with video)

You can rock the pump without dirt — and even without wheels.

Hi Lee,

I’ve been following your blog for a while and I’ve to say it’s been greatly inspiring for me. First off, your article were of a very great help when I started to build my first real pumptrack during fall 2009 when the downhill season was ending. I have to say it’s the best way I’ve found to train for my next season as an elite and I never had that much fun on a bike.

But winters in Quebec are quite different than in the South of the U.S.A. Actually there’s 3 feet of snow covering Bromont and my local tracks, so beside going to the gym I had to find a way to keep a pair of handlebar between my hands and keep me fit for the next season. This is why I built a pumptrack in snow that I ride everyday using my snowscoot. Wonder what that thing is? just have a quick look at my video. I think you’ll enjoy the segment between 1 minutes 35 and 2 minutes 25, since I dedicate it to you!

That video was shot a week ago and the pumptrack is now amazing. It ended up I realized it was possible to build a real pumptrack for the snowscoot. The track is now a full loop linked to a few jumps. It’s amazingly hard to do more than 4 laps since a snowscoot bring a lot of friction, but it makes it even more challenging because it’s tricky and more demanding physically than on a bike.

I hope you like my video, would be nice if you could post it on your website, since I need more viewing in order to get a bit more exposure (I’m in need of sponsor help regarding my participation to the Snowscoot Worlds Championship that will be held at the end of March in Canada).

Here’s the video!

Thank you very much! Even if you don’t post the video, I’d be honour if you tell me what you think!

Nicolas Clément

Hey Nicolas,

That is awesome! Super fun.

— Lee

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  1. Francois says:

    Wow, Bravo Nicolas. Voila, il me faut un snowscoot maintenant. Tu maitrise cela comme un pro, très inspirant. Francois , Ste-Adele, Qc.

    Now in english: Wow, Fantastic Nicolas. Now I have to get a snowscoot. Your mastery of it is very inspiring.

  2. Ethar Merkin says:

    The thing works and looks pretty cool. I am not a skier so I don’t know how well I would be able to pick it up. From the looks of it it looks like a monoski with handle bars. With a name change it might be marketable.

  3. Antoine says:

    Wow!!! Vraiment impressionant la section pumptrack. Ca l’air vraiment le fun dans le sous-bois. Dommage qu’il ne reste presque plus de neige 🙁

    Amazing! Especially the pumptrack section. looks so much fun in the off-trails. Unfortunately not much snow left this week with all the rain.

    Granby Quebec

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