Kirt Voreis rips

(But you already know that.)

When I imagine riding trails, this is what I look like.

Check out this Fox Head video of Kirt Voreis shredding NorCal on his Specialized Enduro.

Kirt clearly has an immense skills base. All the core stuff is dialed — plus he’s super creative and he’s having fun. What a clever way to sell riding gear (and bikes).

Of note:

0:31 – Jumping into a corner and using the heavy load to rail that sucker.

0:37 – Just a sweet transfer. Note how he folds the heaviness of the landing seamlessly into the corner.

0:42 – Big angles in the bermed right and flat left. Also a nice moto foot-out style.

1:05 – Tight, powerful side-to-side transitions. You can learn this on pavement. How to pump a flat surface

1:29 – Smooth pickup-to-semi-roll-semi-hop. This subtle move is a sure sign of BMX fu — and he blends it right in.

1:44 – Aggressive transition from manualing to sticking a corner. Watch the range of motion!

Yep. Rad.

Also check out:

Lately I’ve been watching New World Disorder 10 while I do intervals on the trainer. The whole video is pretty amazing, but my favorite section is Voreis rallying a trail bike. Check out NWD10.

Learn all about Voreis at

Know more. Have more fun!

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