Pedaling while pump-manualing?

This question is spurred by Pedaling in attack position?


Do you have any pro tips how to pump-manual while still pedalling? It’s OK to me if I want to do it on a table-top or with a small speed, but when the speed goes up and bumps get bigger I can’t keep up with the terrain…



Hey Jakub,

What a great question!

To tell you the truth, when I got your note I’d never pedaled while pump-manualing (manualing between two rollers).

That is a very high-level skill. You have to be very good at pedaling, and you have to be very good at pump-manualing. I’ve been working on both skills but I hadn’t been ready to put them together. Thanks for the challenge: Yesterday I went to school on my backyard pump track.


• Captain America the experimental Specialized Stumpjumper HT EVO-R.

• Fox 831 fork, 50mm Answer stem, Gamut guide, Point One Racing pedals, low seat

• 2:1 gear. This yields the same gear-inches as a BMX bike or single-speed DJ bike.

Here’s how I approached this skill:

• Did some riding and got loose.

• Practiced pedaling over rollers. This is pretty tricky. If pedal-pump-manual is PhD level, pedal-pump is Masters level. Don’t pull forward or lean back. Stay centered and turn the cranks while you pump the rollers. (Both your pedaling and pumping have to be smooth before you rock this.)

• Practiced manualing between rollers. Don’t pull forward or lean back. Stay centered, drive your feet down and anchor your hips to your bars. You know it’s right when you stay balanced on your feet the whole way.

OK, then:

• Pedaling while pump-manualing! This felt awkward at first, but I had the basics in about 10 tries. Check out this hot video action:

Tips based on my short experiment:

• Relax. While power helps, this is not a power move.

• Stay on your feet. Everything is about balance. Everything.

• Don’t pull your shoulders forward. You will bonk your front tire.

• Drive your hips forward. Anchor your bars to your hips, and your hips to your bars. Extend upward like a dead lift.

Start slow on mellow rollers. Gradually increase the speed and size as you get better.

Tell us how it goes!


Know more. Have more fun!

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  1. Wacek says:

    G’daemm! I must say watching a new skill is way more exciting than reading about a new frame or fork. Cheers!

  2. John K. says:

    Wow! I want to pull that move off on my trails in 2012.

    Hey Lee how about some more instructional vids? I’m sure the idea of a comprehensive Bike-Fu DVD is on your to-do list somewhere…

  3. leelikesbikes says:

    Thanks all.

    John: Yes! That is finally in the works, and I’m meeting with a potential video guy this week.

    I’m envisioning a series of web vids that mimic my clinics. Each vid will give you a major skill: attack position, braking, pumping, etc. for about $5 to $10 each. When each series (basic, advanced) is done, it’ll be packaged onto a DVD.

    What do you think of that plan?

  4. Wacek says:

    That is an awesome plan! Even for double the money. Just please don’t make it as boring as Fluid Rides vid. Separate episodes sound awesome!

    You are welcome to use randomized absurd actions like a deer exploding in the background (ok ok that was Monthy Python…)

  5. John K. says:

    Double thumbs up on that plan. This would be great for us who live far away from your clinics. I would gladly pay for some video tuition from you.

    One idea that would complement your vision would be for some extra $ we could send you a video of ourselves practising the skill and get some feedback from you.

  6. Jakub says:

    BIG thanks for such a great feedback! I’ll try to learn it this way when the snow goes off 😉 Braaaaap!

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