Yes you can: a video must-see

Jerad Fischer, who recently had his lower leg amputated and is still getting used to his bionics, rolls the Large Slopestyle line at Valmont Bike Park.

This is one solid, skilled, passionate dude.

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First ride: Rhyolite Bike Park

On my way home yesterday from USA Cycling in Colorado Springs, CO, I stopped by Rhyolite Bike Park in Castle Rock.

One hour. Eight laps. Rock!

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Photos and video from Superior Bike Park

As of yesterday, Superior Bike Park in Superior, CO is officially open. Still mustering the energy to post a valuable follow-up story. In the meantime:

(Photos added March 21.)

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Super Bike Park opening party time!

Superior Bike Park, Superior CO:

• I am proud of the park layout and build quality (thanks Nick Simcik and Jerad Fischer). Every line flows like love from a benevolent god.

• Tomorrow, Saturday, March 18, we do a little cleanup. We celebrate. We ride.

• Tamping, sweeping and raking 9 a.m. to noon-ish. Come on out. With minimal effort, you can say you helped build the park. Bring a tamper if you have one. Otherwise, bring feet, rakes and shovels. Oh, and push brooms.

• After work, we eat, drink, share the stoke and RIDE OUR BIKES!

Don’t be surprised if there’s a Pump Track World Championship.

The work is done. TIME TO RIDE!

Park at the end of Honey Creek Lane in Superior.

Superior Bike Park: We have dirt piles

By the end of today, dirt for the expert lines was placed. On Monday we’ll place the beginner features and start shaping.

Superior, CO should have a fully rocking bike park by March 20.

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Superior Bike Park: here’s the design

After 2+ years of wrangling, we have a design and a plan for the bike park in Superior, CO. We start digging in March.

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Golden Bike park is open

The Golden Bike Park in Golden, CO officially opened last Saturday to much fanfare and many riders. Here’s a sample of the goods:

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Mike Montgomery’s 2nd Place Slopestyle Run at Crankworx Whistler

This GoPro footage of Mike Montgomery’s second place slopestyle run at Crankworx Whistler is pretty darn incredible.

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Foot came off pedal during jump = not good

Our man John fancies himself a smooth rider, yet he lost his pedal on a jump and broke his ankle. He’s searching for meaning in this disaster.

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The Carbon Enduro Chronicles: Lookout Mountain

Last Friday I was rolling through Golden on the way back from a meeting in Littleton. My clients and I are working on a 60-page partnership proposal: the kind that determines how I pay my mortgage. It’s a fun and relaxing process. So so fun and relaxing that I was crawling out of my skin needing a ride.

I always see riders parked on the side of Highway 6, and I wonder what they’re up to. Turns out they’re riding a sweet trail.

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Bring it: Lyons Outdoor Games this weekend

Saturday Saturday Saturday! The new Lyons Bike Park will host a Short Track, Pump Track Worlds then a Dirt Jump Comp.

Come on out to ride, compete and/or watch.

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Lyons Bike Park: Photos from Sunday’s dig/ride sesh

We rounded out the rollers, fixed the tables and did some general cleanup.

And we rode.

And it was excellent.

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