Golden Bike park is open

The Golden Bike Park in Golden, CO officially opened last Saturday to much fanfare and many riders. Here’s a sample of the goods:

Flow trail
The centerpiece of the park is the “flow trail” — a ribbon of berms, rollers and tabletop jumps. The top of the trail has very nice, easy flow. If you want to jump the bottom of the trail, you gotta work.

I can see some fun intervals: Pin the short climb, recover on the descent, repeat.

Jump, jump, berm. Jump, jump into berm. Fun.

Riders wait their turn at the top of the flow trail.

Pump track
Clever layout with lots of options, including a sweet berm-to-berm transfer.

Kids were loving the pump track.

Tammy Donahugh shows everyone how it’s done.

During the pro pump track demo, Jeff Lenosky cased the side of a roller and sprayed dirt at my baby Fiona. I was like, “Dude, you just roosted my baby!” She just shook her fists and laughed. That’s a great sign.

Skills obstacles
Down by the pump track you’ll find some small bridges and short rock/log lines. They look like fun places to goof around and hone skills.

While Fiona digs the pump track, Finley is more into the freeride.

Misc. DH trails
From the middle of the flow trail down to the pump track winds a tangle of natural-terrain trails. They are all loose, raw and pretty darn fun. Great use of space.

Lots of good people worked very hard to get the Golden Bike Park built. Learn more:

Know more. Have more fun!

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