Superior Bike Park: We have dirt piles

By the end of today, dirt for the expert lines was placed. On Monday we’ll place the beginner features and start shaping.

Superior, CO should have a fully rocking bike park by March 20.

Here’s the design again.

Captain America, touring the facility and picking up slack.

The trouble with free dirt: It’s often full of rocks. As the loader operator dumped, I hoed me some cobble.

View from the “expert” roll-in. BMXy flow line around the outside, tech pump track inside.

View from Rock Creek Parkway. I lived in the apartments on the other side of the bike path, and I always wanted to build jumps in this area. Ha! Rad!

Come out and help

This is a community project, and we need community muscles. The big dig days are scheduled for March 12, 13, 19 and 20. If you want to come out mid-week, let me know. Nick Simcik, Jerad Fischer and/or I will be out there constantly for the next two weeks.

Community Braaap!

Know more. Have more fun!

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