Fun little DJ session

Today I got to ride the Gunbarrel jumps with my kid Ian and some of his buddies. Ian has been riding for one year, and today he was buttering a mellow 8-foot double. Super cool — and about 10 years ahead of my own learning curve.

With Ian rocking the P.3, I dusted off the race-day SX, which felt perfectly braaapable after recently riding the 20, the 24, the P and the Stumpjumper. Stepped up to a bigger set today. Braaap!

Ian will be rocking the same set in like a month. …

Ian’s first ride: A fresh lump of clay

Dirt jumping with lots of suspension

Hey Lee,

My bike has a Rockshox Lyrik 2-step on the front and a Fox RP23 on the back.

When dirt jumping should I set the Lyrik to short travel (and maybe turn pro pedal on) or just run with my normal downhill setup.

Cheers, Andrew

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DJ fork for 40something rider?

Hi Lee,
I’m 44 and have spent the last two years ripping up the local trails on my Kona Coiler (Your book has helped a lot).

Recently I aquired a single speed Santa Cruz Chameleon for off road commuting, the local BMX track (I will manual properly even if it kills me), street and general trails — and the last couple of weeks have been fun but the bike feels nose heavy, notably it’s really hard to lift when I’m doing jumps or drops.

Guys at the LBS thought the RS Argyle was the go, but I’m interested in the Recon 351 … What sort of things should I be looking for in a fork? FYI the current fork is 2005 Dirt jumper 3.

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Wear your shirt!

This cautionary poem was first posted Aug. 19, 2004.

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Jump jam at The Fix this Sunday

Come out and rock The Great Pumpkin Jam this Sunday, Oct. 26 at 2 p.m. | Live music by The Eyeballs. | Food, beverages and bike jumping. | The jumps and pump track will be open to everyone. | 3085 Bluff St., Boulder, CO |

Backyard dirt jump liability

Hey Lee,

I have a set of jumps that I built on my parents land behind their house. I built the jumps so that I could share them with the local kids and riders, who I have met riding my local skatepark. I am trying to promote and build a positive bike scene. The jumps are beginning to get popular and my parents have expressed concern about someone getting hurt. I know you are not a lawyer, but I need to know how I can protect my parents and myself from any lawsuits.

Also thanks for the advice on a DJ bike (20 vs 24 vs 26 for BMX riding) that I wrote to you about, I have the 09 Fit cruiser complete on order


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Pumping rhythm

Mike Kreger is one of the smoothest dirt jumpers (and racers) you’ll ever see. Yesterday we shot some sequences for the BMX book. Here’s Mike pumping a set of double jumps.

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When motos ruin your dirt jumps


Me and my friends found an abandoned DJ spot in a clearing in the middle of a public park. We worked really hard to turn it into a sick DJ/pump track/free ride park with a wall ride ladder bridges and everything.

The problem is these fat kids on dirt bikes (with engines ya know) keep crushing down all of our lips…even filling in our gaps turning them to stupid table tops so they can ride them.

Is there anything we can build or do to prevent or discourage electric or gas powered dirt bikes?


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Lyons Outdoor Games DJ contest

Last Saturday’s outdoor festival in Lyons, CO included kayak events, a bike rodeo, trials shows and a sweet dirt jump comp.

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Sweet (former) DJ spot in the Springs

Originally posted March 29, 2004. This spot was tucked between a creek and a shopping center, and it was excellent.

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The Corkscrew of Death

Originally posted March 22, 2005. You have to check out this double-over-an-Ess-turn. Super cool.

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Riding in San Diego?

Hey Lee,
I am thinking about taking a job in San Diego. Do you know of any good dirt jump parks in the area? Of course accessibility to dirt jumps and good mtb trails is more important than how much I will like the job …
Thanks, Jason

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