Dirt jumping with lots of suspension

Hey Lee,

My bike has a Rockshox Lyrik 2-step on the front and a Fox RP23 on the back.

When dirt jumping should I set the Lyrik to short travel (and maybe turn pro pedal on) or just run with my normal downhill setup.

Cheers, Andrew

Hey Andrew,

The simple answer
The stiffer your bike is, the better it will dirt jump. Crank down your fork, turn on your ProPedal, add air to the tires and add some gussets to the frame.

The increased stiffness helps you load the lips and pump the backsides with more precision and power.

The more complicated answer
It depends.

– What are the jumps like? If you’re riding slower, short-radius jumps (classic BMX and DJ style), stiffer is definitely better. If you’re riding faster, longer radius jumps (DH/freeride style), soft is fine. Plenty of people jump their DH bikes at Whistler — those jumps are made for big bikes.

Matt V rocks a sweet step-down on Whistler’s Crabapple Hits. Note how long and gradual the lip is: Perfect for DH bikes going Mach 7.

– What are your goals? If you want to have fun and get as much boost as possible, optimize your bike for the conditions (heck, get a DJ hardtail). If you want to become a ninja master for DH, then leave your bike in the soft setup and learn to rock it.

And say Braaap!

— Lee

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Know more. Have more fun!

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