Setting up a Marzocchi 888 ATA WC

Hi Lee,

I have just bought the Marzocchi 888 ATA WC, 2008 model. I notice that there are a lot of conflicting thoughts of proper setup for it. I weigh 191lbs. How much air should I put in the upper and lower chambers respectively? The manual is not that clear on many of the settings. And do you have any other setup tips regarding this fork for DH?

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Hey Adrian,

For this one I contacted Tom Rogers at Marzocchi. He does R&D, pro rider support, suspension setup, pretty much everything. And he is a very fast pro-rider type guy.

Tom tests the new 66 fork on Whistler’s Dirt Merchant, summer 2004.

Hi Lee,
How’s it going? I hope you are doing well. I am doing well, staying busy, raising kids, riding bikes, etc.

So you need a set-up for your 888 ATA WC huh?

Let me see, I would first start by adding air to the bottom valve. I would run about 110-115 psi.

Then adjust the top air pressure to around 40-50psi.

You will need to dial it from there depending on the initial suppleness you want. Rule of thumb, top valve = beginning travel, bottom valve = is for end of travel.

Let me know if that works for you and we can go from there.

Talk to you soon,

Right on. Thanks Tom!

Know more. Have more fun!

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