Pumping rhythm

Mike Kreger is one of the smoothest dirt jumpers (and racers) you’ll ever see. Yesterday we shot some sequences for the BMX book. Here’s Mike pumping a set of double jumps.

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Of note:

– Mike always drives through his feet, and his hands are always super neutral.

– He gets some style in the air, but right before he lands, he pushes his butt back. This is key.

– He lands with his body low and back on the bike. This keeps him balanced over the BB and gives him leg range to pump. On a mountain bike he’d be even lower and farther back, because MTBs require more energy than BMX bikes.

– As he swoops down the backside, he pushes with his legs and passes through centered position. He hits the next face, and repeats all the way down the line.

– This pump more than doubles his speed, from 10 to 25 mph!

Pretty sweet. For a detailed explanation, check out the forthcoming book.

— Lee

Place: A Line, The Fix Bike Shop, Boulder, CO, USA, Earth

Bike: Intense Factory Alloy Cruiser

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