Sweet (former) DJ spot in the Springs

Originally posted March 29, 2004. This spot was tucked between a creek and a shopping center, and it was excellent.

On our way down to the Chalk Creek 4X race, we stopped in Colorado Springs for some dirt jumping action. Our guide led us to a patch of disused land crammed between a housing tract and a commercial district. It didn’t look like much from the street, which seems smart, but a short walk revealed a tricky beginner line and a rash of big expert stuff. Time to play!

Quality time

The family Ambrose — Mike, Shannon, five-month-old Devon, Rocky and Nugget — were riding, digging and hanging out. Seeing the full family circus at the dirt jumps gives me hope for humanity (and for myself, with my wife starting to turn the baby screws).

Mike straight-up rips, plus he’s one of Bed Masters’ chief dirt architects. Nice work, man.

This was only Shannon’s second ride since emitting the micro human. Looking (and riding) good!

The berm of the ages

Near the end of a set of big doubles, this huge, near-vertical berm shot you back the way you came.

Lisa Myklak blurs past, somehow keeping her sponsor logos legible. Totally pro.

Here it is again, Greg style.

Steve Wentz Rail-A-Tron 2004.

Charles hits it BMX style.

My turn! Too much fun.

A cornucopia of coolness

Steve with the crazy air.

Greg with the crazy faces.

Mike and Steve with the crazy air traffic.

Step-down set-up

One of the big lines started with this sweetly flowy stepdown.

Greg pedals in. “I’m hungry. Maybe I’ll chew on some of this here lip.”

Style council. I’ll tell you one thing: If I could jump like this, I wouldn’t be taking pictures.

Bro’ Train.

My First Berm by Playskool

A loose, low berm set up the “beginner” section. It was just tricky enough to session for a while.

Wentz ruined the berm with this sort of tomfoolery.

Mike stepped in with a shovel and a Big Gulp, and made everything better.

Lisa. Fitness-model style.

The ol’ over-under

With light fading fast, Mike and Steve timed this perfectly. Done. That’s a wrap!

If you like this photo, you’ll probably dig this action.