Big is so very relative

The week I finally conquered Valmont Bike Park’s Whale Tail — so STOKED! — the Colorado Freeride Festival went down, and, well, so much for thinking I’m rad.

To my perspective, this feels like a really big deal, and I’m happy for a straight air that did not result in catastrophe. (See Living in the sweet spot.)

Tyler McCaul has the wherewithal to bust a downside whip on this monster, and he’s about to transition into his next trick. (Photo from this Pinkbike article.)

Flow happens at the intersection of challenge and ability. Go find your Flow!


Inspiring confidence: Stumpjumper 29 Carbon frame, Fox 34 fork, Shimano XTR drivetrain and brakes, POC pads and helmet (POC makes the only bike helmet that protects your brain against rotational forces).

Know more. Have more fun!

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