Looking for some baggy shorts

I have a question Master. I’m in the market for a pair of Dude shorts but have no idea what I should look for. Any suggestions?

Specialized BG Enduro shorts are great. I paid retail for mine. Still love ’em.


When you say Dude shorts, I assume you mean baggy. All the Dudes are wearing ’em these days.

The keys to effective Dude-short assessment:

• Outers are pretty light and move easily, especially in the saddle. They should be tear resistant.

• Outers don’t look like pro race kit. Unless you are factory, trying to look factory looks dumb.

• Liner is like a pair of Lycra shorts, but with a lighter/more breathable material. Some guys ride DH in boxers; I cannot fathom that. I like to have my stuff tucked out of the way.

• The pad in the liner is as good as the pad in high-end Lycra shorts. It’s the same butt; why not use the same pad?

• Liner attaches to the outer, but it is removable. This lets you rock the outers without the liner, or rock the liner with other shorts or pants. For errands in town, I like to run a high-end liner under nylon pants. This keeps me comfortable on the bike and less clammy in meetings.

• Colors and patterns on the outers match your tattoos. Dude.

I *really* like the Specialized BG Enduro shorts. They have a removable liner with a really good pad. I wear the liner with other shorts, and I wear the outer by themselves, over full Lycra or just around. Heck, last night rode the trainer with just the liners and a heart rate monitor. Sexy.

These shorts cost a whopping $120 — and I pay for them — but my first pair is three years old and going strong. The new version is even better. I wear them ALL the time. They’re also great swim trunks.


— Lee

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