Pump track world championships at Lyons Outdoor Games

Bring your Striders, 20s, 24s, 26s and 29s. It’s gonna be on like Donkey Kong.

Date: Sunday, June 12

Time: Open practice 10-12, registration closes before 12, start seeding runs as soon as we can.

Format: Everyone gets a seeding run, then we run everyone — fastest last — for the final results. The top two from each class face off in a pursuit; you start at opposite ends of the track and ride until someone gets caught. It should be tons of fun to do (and watch).

Cost: $10 for amateurs, $20 for pros (pros will be racing for money)

Classes: I’ll create the classes based on who shows up, but I want to see a Strider class, classes for boys and girls of all ages, plus a pro open class. Everyone gets to ride!

After: Stick around for the Lyons Outdoor Games dirt jump comp. That’s always a great show. Did I mention the beer tent?

Sponsors: Valley Subaru and leelikesbikes.com

Event info and registration at www.lyonsoutdoorgames.com

Rumor has it another large bike park will be opening nearby that weekend. Don’t get distracted. Stay on target!

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