Is it worth the money? I’ll tell ya.

Recommendations: flat pedals


I’ve been searching for some good flats for xc and have tried Xpedo XMX13ACs. They had great grip and they were light, but they didn’t hold up very well. A few rocks and the frames were all bent up. I’m looking at another Xpedo pedal, the XMX11AC which it looks like it might offer more grip (two more pins), weigh a bit more and be more durable (the frame is has a more solid design).

Do you have any recommendations for a flat pedal. I’m not looking for a downhill flat as I don’t need a huge platform but I would like something durable and grippy.

Any recommendations on shoes that light and stiff for good drive and might hold up to to sometimes very wet and muddy northeast single-track. I have some bontrager shoes for my clips, they’re great but the tread pattern doesnt work well with the pinned flat pedals.


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First ride: Specialized Butcher DH tires

I’ve done an interview about and a ride on Specialized’s answer to the Minion DHF.

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29 v 26: Let the battle ensue

My friend Jason, Specialized rep to the stars, says I get to test-ride a new carbon Epic 29er.

All I’m saying is:

Epic 29er vs Mighty Stumpjumper FSR. Timed laps. XC trails. Forget those maintain-constant-uphill-power-then-coast-the-downhills 29 v 26 tests. Both bikes will be hammered up and braaaped down.

I have two sets of fresh Eskars.

It’s on.

Two weeks on Captain America

I took Captain America, my experimental Stumpjump HT EVO-R, to California for two weeks of riding and teaching. The early reviews are in.

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Quickie review: Ibis Mojo HD

I rode an Ibis Mojo HD in NorCal for maybe 20 minutes. Real quick:

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Day 1: Specialized Stumpjumper 29 SS

I’m trying a high-end singlespeed 29er hardtail. Today I got a little XC ride and a short BMX session. So far so fun.

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The Carbon Enduro Chronicles: Left Hand Canyon

Yesterday I took the Mighty Carbon Enduro to my favorite OHV area. Findings:

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The Carbon Enduro Chronicles: local benchmark ride

Hey all, I’m back from Sea Otter, back from Ranchstyle and back from two weeks of puking and coughing. It’s time to see what this 2010/11 Enduro Pro Carbon is all about.

Yesterday I rolled my local techy/steep loop, and …

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New Stumpy vs. old Enduros?

Gear related question: How does the new Stumpy compare to the Enduros of yesteryear? 2003 vintage, and 2005-6 vintage? I know you’ve rawcked them all, and I’m wondering where the new Stumpy fits in, particularly on the strength/durability side.


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Tires for Super D and regular riding

Our friend Rob is wondering about a few Maxxis options, plus you know I have a Specialized idea.

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Inexpensive indoor trainer with a power meter

Hey Lee, you mentioned that you have a “cheapo Performance trainer with power meter”. What brand/model is this? The cheapest trainer with a power meter I can find is in the $1750 price range, which I wouldn’t really consider cheapo!


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First ride: 2010 Stumpjumper Pro M5

Yes! I finally got my new Stumpy out on trail. Real quick like:

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