Is it worth the money? I’ll tell ya.

First ride: S-Works Tricross ultimate cool guy build

I just rolled the S-Works Tricross for an hour in my dark, icy neighborhood. Real quick:

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Quick test: Specialized Command Post

I got a few rides on Specialized’s new remotely adjustable seatpost, which I was sorry to relinquish.

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New, improved Specialized Eskar tires

I’ve been rocking the Specialized Eskar Control tires on my Stumpy since they were wee prototypes, and I’ve really liked them. They roll pretty quickly, they corner well, and they haven’t been flatting. All in all a good trail tire.

Now they’re better.

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P.3 & Geax Saguaros for everything?


In addition to its native purpose, I’m going to be using my new P.3 as a trail single speed. I’m thinking different tires, easier gearing (1.8-ish:1), and a Maverick speedball will make this a very versatile machine.

Are you still digging the Geax Saguaros as an all-around choice on your P.3?



PS – Congrats on the twins!

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Specialized tires: Chunder vs. Clutch?

I’m building up a new DH wheelset, and I’m thinking about trying a lighter tire than my current Minions. I’ve been thinking that the SX casing from Specialized could suit me well, but I can’t decide between the Clutch and Chunder. I live and ride in the Bay Area of NorCal, about an hour and half from Santa Cruz. Firstly, is the SX casing burly enough to not roll over in corners and handle DH riding? Also, which tread pattern is better for the riding out here?

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New tire: Specialized Clutch 2.3

First impression of the Big S’s newest all-mountain, braaap-style tire.

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New bike: Intense Factory Alloy 20

I am riding a 20, and it is good. Impressions from the first ride:

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The most versatile bike ever

When I become president of this great nation, I will put two dirt jump hardtails in every garage.
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2008 Stumpy vs 2008 Enduro SL – the debate continues

This guy lives on the East Coast and wants to motor through those perpetual up-and-down rock gardens. His needs are different from Big Mountain folks.

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2003 Enduro to 2008 Stumpy upgrade?

Hey Lee,

really appreciate the site and book…lots of good info.

The more I read your site the more I realize I just need to become a better rider and stop buying random crap that will ‘make’ me a better rider. The best upgrade I can get is a better me. That being said I’m slowly working on my bike kung-fu, and although I am probably not riding my bike to its fullest potential I cant get my eyes off a new stumpy.

Currently I’m riding a 03 enduro comp with everything replaced/upgraded (vanilla 32 r, juicy 7’s, canecreek wheelset, xt crankset, x-9 shifters/rear derailleur, ect.) ‘cept for the rear shock, seatpost, and obviously the frame….so tell me why I would or would not want to rock the pro stumpy frame and swap over all the components? Would the fork noticably/negatively compete with the rear suspension…?

I have a feeling there is still some things the ole enduro can teach me….but damn, that stumpy frame looks so friggin sweet!

thanks, rob

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Followup: Specialized Eskar tires

The new Specialized Eskar trail/all-mountain tire has been out for a while, and people are getting some miles on it. More than you wanted to know:

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Upgrade: Swinger 3-Way to RP23?

Hey Lee, I have a Giant VT2 which runs a Manitou 3-way rear shock. It will cost me a bit to get it serviced and change all of the parts….ok…I just needed an excuse to upgrade. I’ve been looking at the Fox RP23, my questions are:
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