Love your work, but I’m a roadie

Hi Lee

Listened to your interview on the TrainerRoad podcast (How to become a faster mountain biker) – it was amazing and made me rethink what I thought I knew about riding bikes.

I’d really like to read more of your work but I’m a roadie and was wondering what you have for roadies in the way of books etc.


(From Australia)

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Learning the cross bike

Now that I’m back from NorCal, I’m focused on learning my S-Works Tricross so I can race it half-decently this weekend.

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Solid ride from the house last weekend. Climb 70 minutes then hit a steep/rocky DH trail. Find it blocked halfway down, hike out then pin the dirt road back to the house. Full speed laying it out through a gravel hairpin, drifting drifting, WRX appears in the dust — aimed right at me. Spot a pile of duff under the guardrail, go wide, edge into the bank and — poof! — set up for the next turn. Road riding, Enduro style.


The other good part. Worth a hike and repeat.

Horrible awesomeness

Today I rolled the Tricross to the DMV then pinned it up Boulder Canyon, Four Mile Canyon, Poor Man and Sunshine Canyon to home. I’d rather rip singletrack, but there’s something horribly awesome about pedaling up a mountain as hard as you can.

Great braking technique is for roadies too

Check out this photo and video from a finish-line crash in stage 4 of the 2010 Tour de Suisse.

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Undertrained and undergunned

Sunday I did a benefit road ride with a very strong group. Was it fun? Well, it was sort of like a long road ride …

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Getting out

Dumbbells and indoor trainers have their place, but there’s no substitute for riding outside. Even if it’s dark and cold.

Especially if it’s dark and cold.

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First ride: S-Works Tricross ultimate cool guy build

I just rolled the S-Works Tricross for an hour in my dark, icy neighborhood. Real quick:

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Road descending: Remembering what fast is

Just finished a two-hour road ride with my neighbor Larry. I am a mountain biker for a reason, but freeroading is rad.

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