How to become a faster mountain biker

I recently spent a weekend training the CEO and top coaches from TrainerRoad. All three riders started at different levels — and they all improved a lot.

They created a video, podcast and blog post summarizing what they learned.

Click here to read the entire blog post >>>

Click here to listen to the podcast >>>

And here’s the video:

After getting to know Nate, Chad and Jonathan I’ve become a huge fan. I strongly suggest following their podcast.

Know more. Have more fun!

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  1. Andrew says:

    Lee, I really liked your reptilian analogy.
    I had a mini breakthrough a while back that I can relate to this. Of course “make sure you are looking way ahead and not at your front wheel” has been said many times.
    I little bit of a mindset change has helped me live this.
    Don’t look ahead at the next feature. Focus the laser at least two features ahead. Pump there. Go there. Then 100% leave the current riding to the lizard.
    Literally zero thinking about what you are currently doing right now. If you are thinking, push down now, do this now, its too late. Give the lizard instructions and if lizards talked it would say “ok boss I got it”. Like you said the “bandwidth” of the not thinking part of your brain is so much faster.
    Thanks for helping me find words to explain these ideas.


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