P.3 & Geax Saguaros for everything?


In addition to its native purpose, I’m going to be using my new P.3 as a trail single speed. I’m thinking different tires, easier gearing (1.8-ish:1), and a Maverick speedball will make this a very versatile machine.

Are you still digging the Geax Saguaros as an all-around choice on your P.3?



PS – Congrats on the twins!

Hey Bracken,

A P.bike is a great choice for an all-around steed. The Speedball will make it kick even more on-the-fly ass.

I ran the White Collection Geax Saguaros almost daily for a year. That includes a ton of commuting, road training, clinics, pump, jump, slalom and some trail, not to mention lots of figure eights and flat-ground pumping drills.

The freeride-oriented White Saguaros were a bit heavy and not super fast, but they worked well in all conditions and … drum roll please … no flats in a year! Oh, and they took 3rd at the Intergalactic Pump Track Championships right behind Brian Lopes and Jon Watt — not bad.

My Saguaros finally wore out, but a year of solid, aggressive use is pretty darn commendable. And those whitewalls were just too cool.

The White Collection Saguaros gave me a lot of confidence. Video: Pumping the S section at The Fix pump track.

To sum it up: Your P.bike is going to rock.

— Lee

And thanks re: the twins. They’re growing fast but making their mom super sick. She’d be relieved with morning sickness; she’s rocking the all-day-and-night sickness!

Know more. Have more fun!

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